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Angela gave me to post her kids quilts, so here they are with their ribbons.  These quilts are headed to MQS so if you happen to be going to the show take a look at the quilts.

Custom Curves

Second thing I got to do was meet Karen McTavish.  She’s recently finished a new book and video to go with it.  I wasn’t sure I would see Karen so I had my boss pick up the book.  I’m looking forward to watching the dvd since Karen said there’s a great bloopers reel on it.  Karen told me she would still be there on Saturday as she agreed to cover for another teacher who couldn’t be there due to a family emergency.  We chatted for a bit then she headed off to pack up her stuff to head home.

I’ve looked through this a bit and have some ideas for upcoming quilts…well, down the road quilts…I have the fabric for the rest of the quilts for the “Twilight in the Bronx” series.

As I mentioned yesterday the Superior Threads booth was the first booth on the left when you walked through the door.

Here’s what came home with me 6 cones of Superior’s Silk thread, needles and a cone of King Tut for the quilt I’m working on.  The gals that I went to the show with spent a little money there as well.  Oh that was so fun.  Renee and I will share some Glide thread recommended by Karen in a class Renee took.  By the time we got to the booth they’d sold out of what Renee was going to get so we decided to purchase a 12 pack together.  I must say that the company was very gracious with the quilters coming by the booth to get this thread.

I happen to be facebook friends with Cathy Wiggins so I’d had the opportunity to follow the progress of her “What’s Brewing?” quilt.  Seeing this quilt in person is amazing.  The parchment paper is actually set into the quilt.  Yes, you read that right.  Cathy cut into the quilt behind and set the parchment into the quilt.   She said it took several days for her to be able to make the cut.

It’s really amazing.

This is “The Beginning Quilt” by Manisha Hunt.  Oh my goodness it’s an amazingly beautiful whole cloth quilt.  This gave me some fun ideas for future quilts.  One major idea: a little more planning.  That’ll be a bit of a tough one for me as I like the serendipity of sitting down and watching what happens under the needle, changing thread and needle at a whim and generally having a lot of fun.

I thought I had a Judy Woodworth quilt but the image was really bad so I’m not going to post it here.  I’m truly inspired.

This little quilt measures about 12 x 18 I think (I will measure it shortly) .  While it looks heavily pieced it’s not.  The fabric I purchased had a pieced look about it (which is partly why I bought it in the first place) I did some piecing then quilt it.

I’ll be giving it to the gal in the guild who is coordinating quilts to go to the Little Quilt Auction with NQA in June.

I haven’t named it yet but will before it heads off.

Have a quilterly day!


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  1. I didn’t know Karen had a new book out. I will have see if I can find it locally before ordering it on Amazon!

  2. Teri,
    Tell us about the superior needles, I didn’t notice them when at the booth in Lancaster. Of course I wasn’t thinking about them at that point, just bought some silk thread. I would like one in every color!

  3. Thanks for the update about the new book/DVD from Karen McTavish. I’m interested to hear what you think.

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