New England Quilt Festival!!!

dance bang head 1968Oh I am a tease aren’t I?!

See this quilt?  Well the front of it got juried into the New England Quilt Festival.  Click on the link to see a full list of the finalists.  Congratulations to EVERYONE.

Looking through that list – there’s some amazing competition, meaning that there will be a lot of great quilts for the return of New England Quilt Festival (MQX East).

I’m excited because this quilt is different for me.  The week of the show I’ll show you the front of the quilt.

Don’t forget I’m teaching at this show.  Follow this link to sign up for my classes.

Happy Quilting! Teri

New England Quilt Festival

I get to teach 4 classes over 3 days at the New England Quilt Festival in Manchester New Hampshire April 10 – 13.

Here’s the link to my faculty page.

zen tangleApril 11 morning – Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free is all about learning machine stitching motifs that can be used on quilts. From the website: “Take free motion machine quilting to the next level. Learn how practicing effectively will develop skill as a machine quilter. Work on a quilt based on Teri’s “City Series” using a variety of motifs to create the fabric of the quilt. Learn how to uses a variety of thread fiber, weight and color to add texture & dimension. Supply list emailed, You must bring your own sewing machine for this class.”  

April 11 afternoon and April 12th morning: Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting is the basics for machine quilting.   From the website: “Learn to enjoy the process of free motion machine quilting. This class covers needles, thread, batting choices, basting options and machine quilting. Learn how to adjust tension, relax your shoulders and breathe through the process. Practice straight lines, curves, stippling! Supply list emailed, You must bring your own sewing machine for this class.”

Beginner Free Motion Quilting and Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free are process classes, essentially about technique and mechanics which are essential to the free motion quilting process.

April 13 all day: From Inspiration to Quilt: Exploring Whole Cloth with a Twist is a new class.  John Kubinek may have renamed it, “There is fabric under that thread”  From the website: “Explore a different style of whole cloth quilting using wrought iron, traditional quilt blocks or your own quilterly practice (mindful doodling) as inspiration. This class continues the excellence, beauty and richness of traditional whole cloth quilting adding color and texture with fabric, batting and thread. Create a one of a kind quilt that reflects what inspires you most! The class covers quilt top design, marking and fabric, batting & thread choices. Supply list emailed, You must bring your own sewing machine for this class.”

From Inspiration to Quilt is a project oriented class where we will have a small whole cloth quilt at the end of the day.

For each one of my classes you get to bring your machine, in good working order please.  I do suggest that if the machine has not recently visited the spa (a tune up) schedule some time before class.  You know your machine, you know how it works and what it sounds like.  I know enough of the technical end to work out challenges as they come up.  For part of the morning we will work on designing and marking whole cloth and then get stitching.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me terificreations at gmail dot com.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


Happy Quilting,



Keith is a calendar guy!

Well at least his quilt “Curvilinear Energy” is!

MQX Calendar 2013 FINAL

Isn’t it beautiful!  Congratulations Keith.

Janet-Lee and Mary announced last night a very exciting change with MQX!  MQX East is now: New England Quilt Festival and MQX West is: Pacific Northwest Quilt Festival.  The links will be active shortly and when they are I will post them.

I’ll be teaching at the New England Quilt Festival.  YAY!!!

Congrats Keith!

Happy Quilting,


MQX West just got a lot more exciting!

I get to teach of course and that always makes me happy.  Really happy.  I’m teaching 3 classes and I understand there’s still room for students in them.  I’d love to meet you.

Tilde border

Yesterday afternoon Janet-Lee Santeusanio sent the email out saying “Congratulations your quilts are finalists!”  I was bouncing off the walls.  Well not really but I was pretty excited.  I hope I never lose that enthusiasm.  I have three quilts in the show Serendipity, Serendipity the Third Time Around and Tilde.

Tilde is the quilt that Keith Dommer pieced and I quilted.  For right now  I’m not going to show the whole quilt but little snippets.  Keith is incredibly precise in the applique and piecing.  I used all Superior Thread on Tilde including their new Magnifco that all of the MQX Banquet attendees got at MQX East.  The deep purple is quite subtle because of the fabrics but I love it.

This is also the quilt where I had to rip out metallic, which is part of the reason it took so long to quilt, I avoided ripping.  Oh did I avoid ripping and with the MQX deadline coming up quickly all of my energies turned to unquilting and requilting Tilde.

where I ripped out the metallic

See all that pebbling on the left side of the tildes?  That pebbling was all metallic once.  Now it’s not.  Now its a variegated polyester and I like the effect.

Tilde pebbles

The center of this quilt is quite amazing and is from a Sharon Shamber design.  Off the top of my head right now I don’t remember exactly which one.  This design inspired the rest of the quilt, which is Keith’s original.

Keith’s applique is absolutely amazing and I had a very difficult time even thinking about quilting on the applique pieces.  It felt as though I would take something away from it and Keith left me plenty of room to quilt!  On some of the design I did some stitching with MonoPoly so that the faux trapunto wouldn’t look weird, like I’d forgotten to quilt that area.

Whether we ribbon or not I’m pleased with this quilt.

Oh and having quilts in this show means that for my “And Now What?! Designs in machine Quilting” Students is that at some point during the class we will take a field trip to the show floor to discuss my quilts that are in the show.  If you have a quilt in the show we can talk about that if you wish.  The students at MQX East loved this!

Happy Quilting!


Teaching & traveling

I’m very grateful for the opportunities that quilting brings.  The opportunity to be on the faculty of a variety of shows and work with quilt shops and guilds is part of a dream come true.  I look forward to meeting you and as Alex Anderson says, we quilters do meet! Over the next couple of months I’ll be:

Hartsdale Fabrics One day Free Motion Quilting 10/6 (yes, I got a Saturday class!)

Olde City Quilts I’ll be there October 11 – 13.

Machine Quilters Expo West, Portland OR October 17 – 20

Quilt Festival Houston TX Oct 31 – Nov 3  On Nov 1st I’ll be working in the Open Studio for 2 hours demonstrating quilted cards

Court House Quilters November 11  I’ll be there for a quilting class and lecture.  I’ll be sending my Modern Quilt to them shortly.

Next year I’ll be at MQX East, AQS DesMoines, working on HMQS and a few other opportunities.

In the mean time I’m quilting for Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero and am eagerly awaiting our next competition quilt, and a few others and sneaking a few minutes here and there to work on a couple of my own quilts.

MQX West – Portland

Just signed my contract for MQX West.  I’ll be teaching Beginner Freemotion Machine Quilting, Let Your Foot Loose Be Fancy & Free and And Now What?! Designs in Machine Quilting (this class will have some machine stitching!).

I’d originally missed the deadline in January due to a serious case of “I’ll do that later” brought on by not feeling well leading up to the surgery in January.  After Providence I decided to email Mary Schilke and offer to teach in case they needed anyone.  Well, there was a bit of room in the schedule and here I am!

I’ll see you in Portland in October.

I’ll also be working out dates for Creative Sewing as soon as I can.

Happy Quilting,



PS this means I need a show quilt

PPS I’m so excited!

PPSS if you’ve already read this on facebook sorry for the repeat!

Mmmm, Food

I boogied back from Maine for a doctors appointment yesterday so I didn’t have time to blog.  I’m glad that I get to stay with my sister when I travel north as I get to spend time with my nieces.  They are just such interesting people.  My sisters are interesting and fun to be with as well and they have all given much such interesting nieces and nephews!  What more could an aunt want?

Sunday afternoon I dashed over to see my Gramma, she’s my dad’s mom, after class.  I’m so grateful to still have her around, she’s 96, and visit her every trip.   I usually don’t tell her when I’m coming so it’s a bit of a surprise for her when I show up in her doorway and I love the look of surprise and delight when I do.  I learned from Gramma that her mom, my Nana, was a quilter for hire when she was raising her children.  Gramma did some of the quilting (tying) too, as far as I know Gramma didn’t quilt as an adult.  Painting, plastic canvas and sewing were her hobbies.  The quilting skipped a generation and now there’s me.  My dad had that white hair and I hope I have that too, though I have a bit to go before completely “gray”.

After the doctors visit my sweetie and I went to the Bayou for a bite to eat.  After driving all day I was hungry!  Mac & cheese with jalapenos for an appetizer for me.  Weirdly since my surgery I’ve wanted a bit of heat now & again.  Weird.  I had an oyster Po’Boy.  I liked the oysters but not so much the bread.  I’ve not been much into bread since January and sweets are low on my priority list!  I have stuff occasionally but not as much as I would before.  The treadmill has also become and almost daily part of life.  I’m finding the “stride” I had when I was in my early 20’s and am so loving it!

The Bayou has hot sauces on a ledge all the way around the dining room.

The names and art work are just as interesting as the sauces themselves.  My sweetie will try them!  I really should have tried the one featured in this pic, however I’m not sure how much heat there is and Im a bit skeered!


I taught the extended version of “And Now What?!”  at Creative Sewing Center in Auburn, ME this weekend and had the students doodling and thinking through stitching motifs.  We had a great time!  I love it when students start embracing the creative process and relaxing into quilting.

A couple of the students went right from the Beginner class on Saturday to the Advanced/And Now What class on Sunday.  I’ll be in contact with the shop manager soon about setting fall dates.

The fall looks to be rather interesting and I’ll share more soon.

Happy Quilting!