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Family Day

I snapped this with my phone yesterday.

My sweetie & I spent the day with his brother & wife going to a chili cook off & ended up walking on the Walkway Over the Hudson.  As we approached the event we realized that entry didn’t start until noon so we needed to find something else to do in the meantime.  Realizing where we were, near Highlands NY we decided to have a picnic & walk the walk way.  The full length is just over 2 miles, we walked almost all of the way across.  I’d left my sunglasses in the car and was rather happy to have my hat!

Half the fun of this particular walk is people watching.  We saw a young boy crawling along, realizing as we approached that he was crawling after his cat!  The cat was on a leash and needed water.  I had a little bit left in my water bottle so I gave it to the mom to give the cat.

I’m slightly red this morning as well from all of the sun.

Next stop the winery with the chili cook off.  We decided to both the chili & wine tastings.  The winery hired a band for the day.  As we walked around I’m looking at this guy and thinking I know him.  Sure enough I did.  He’s the chef at one of the local retreat houses that we used to frequent!  I said hi then mentioned it to my sweetie.  After finishing with the wine & chili we sat & listened to the band for a bit.  Good stuff!

I’m off to the sewing room for the day!  Enjoy.

Happy quilting!




3 thoughts on “Family Day”

  1. Sounds fun, Teri. How do like the combo of wine with chili? I love chili and I love wine but haven’t had them together.

    1. It’s kinda like having steak with wine, need something full bodied to stand up to it. If they’d had a really good Merlot or something along that line it woulda been great!

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