A little or a lot? Or how much quilting for this quilt?

20449106_10213973184472142_3759714678466190392_oHow much threadwork does this quilt need?

A little?

A medium amount?

A lot?

This question comes up frequently often saying something like, “I see all these quilts that are quilted to within an inch of life and I don’t ‘get it’, ‘like it’, ‘understand it’.” or “I like quilts that are quilted this way because they belong on my bed.” or “my walls are warm enough”

bob at Roanoak
Celebrating 25 years with this guy on Wednesday September 27th I love him!

There’s a reason why the word “It’s your quilt, it’s your rules” frequently exits my lips – this part – like so much of quilting – is all about you. You get to pick. You get to choose the lime green and pair it with the deep gray. You get to pick what weight, and color thread.

A slightly more complex answer begins with the following questions:

What is the end purpose of the quilt?
What batting will be used?
What thread(s) will be used?

Once these questions are answered then the rest, like a cute puppy, will follow you home. I’ll give an example:
double-irish-chain-full-viewI’m planning on remaking a quilt for my sweetie and I, a double Irish chain, using a variety of colors, and a gray background. As it’s a remake of a quilt I already own I get to make choices that are significantly different than the first quilt (seen here on the left)

First – no muslin. There are two different weights here because I didn’t know any better in that moment. The cream is where the gray will be.

Not only the gray background, the rest of the colors will be changing as well. My use, and understanding of color has changed.

Second – it’ll be bigger. It covers our queen sized bed, but not with us under it. I’m not a fan of fighting for the covers, are you?

Third – it will be all machine quilted, a bit more consistently across the surface. This is comes from the years of experience I now have. This will reflect where I am as a quilter now, and this is my choice.

Fourth – batting – most likely wool, or silk. because I like how they show off the quilting. When I started quilting this I used a dense cotton, I liked it at the time. However my experience now brought other battings into my quilting world. It’s been exciting exploring what they do. In an upcoming post I’ll share the battings I use and why.

Fifth – thread – it used to be all cotton. Now there are so many threads – cotton, wool, polyester, silk that are worth a look. Then there’s weight. Oh dear me I’m getting excited thinking about the possibilities!

So this is a bed quilt, with wool batting. Depending on the batting I might be able to quilt 4 – 8″ apart. So that will, in some ways, determine how much quilting is stitched over the surface of the quilt.

Now I’ll talk about whole cloth, and art quilts a little later on. Stay tuned!

Happy Quilting,


PS there’s still time to enter a quilt in the Connections Quilt Festival I’m filling out the paperwork for 2 later this morning!

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

IMG_5002Happy Easter!

Decadent ganache covered whoopie pies – check.

Waking up early – check.

Excited about this week – check.

Writing an unexpected blog – check.

Friend with a new venture – check. Really check out Ebony Love’s MADE Creative Fiber Arts Studio opening in June. MADE’s facebook page.

Tomorrow I finish piecing a quilt that will be in the Michael Miller booth at Quilt Market. It’s going to be fun! I can hardly wait to get into the sewing room to stitch.

Happy Quilting,


22 1/2 whoopie pies!

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If you’re reading this it must be April 1st

at julies 009And I am in a place I want to be, the AQS Show in Lancaster for the day, and then will see friends who got married about a month after my sweetie and me. I met Jules in PA, though it wasn’t until we were living in GA that our friendship blossomed. And she’s stuck with me now. After this long it’s not likely that we’re parting company any time soon. She quilts too, so bonus!

Today though is one of those days that holds deep, life long memory. Ten years ago today we said good-bye to our dad. It was Palm Sunday. My sweetie and I usually go to Church late in the day, and oddly I was showered and dressed in the morning. When my sister called to let me know what was happening I was able to get ready, and get out of the house, on my way in less than 20 minutes. I know my Sweetie helped facilitate that. And for that I am so grateful. Dad left on his favorite day of the year. April Fools Day. Oh how he loved getting over on his kids, writing Rotten Poetry, writing letters. Today I will have Coke in his honor, and memory.

dad inside joke with friend

Look for a couple of facebook live vids from the show floor at least one on the Generation Q Magazine page and one will be on my personal page. If you’re there please say hi. Meeting quilters is a favorite thing.

Happy Quilting!


It was the best of times…it was the worst of times

was what I said to my sister and sister-in-love tonight. We supped at Tazzina in Forest Hills, Queens a place convenient to these two delightful characters. Personally my evening started with a call to the NY City 311 number to report a malfunctioning muni-meter. Parking right in front of the place I thought, “hey this is going to be a quick dash in” so didn’t bother putting on my jacket. Read: Cold Hands!

cranberry almond muffin
not short ribs or roasted bone marrow, but a food post needs a food picture

In reviewing the menu prior to arriving the Roasted Bone Marrow caught my attention and made it to the I have to have this right now part of my brain. The flavor, and buttery texture just had me drooling at the prospect. Taste buds set. Imagine my dismay when a menu change occurred and the Roasted Bone Marrow has moved to the specials list. I mean I understand the reasoning with my brain, however my taste buds, ah not so much. Sigh. Disappointment. sigh. We “settled” for the salumi and cheese board, a delight, sheer delight with almond honey, olives, and house-made caponata. Cheese and honey is a delight not to be missed, creating a sublime taste sensation not to be missed. Add a bit of salty ham and think Meg Ryan in When Harry met Sally. That. Good.

At this point I’m still jonesing for that roasted bone marrow, when the waiter sets a beautiful braised short rib with a pecorino laced polenta, caramelized onions, and roasted brussels sprouts. This writer paused to revel in the beauty of this dish. All I can say is, this is a dish I would have again, and again, and again. This dish almost made up for the shocking lack of Roasted Bone Marrow. I am now beginning to understand, umami, the flavor word of the era, on all the best cooking shows. Rich, and flavorful, falling apart and sublime.

A shared dessert of a gelato trio including hazelnut, strawberry, and vanilla. My sister mentioned that her little one is loving vanilla right now and this gelato lent itself well to this kids current flavor preference. The vanilla served as something of a palate cleanser in between spoons-full of hazelnut and strawberry.

I’m still wanting that roasted bone marrow, but the rest of the food, the waiters, and more importantly the company made the whole experience something to be repeated over, and over again. I’m wondering though…do you think they have a priority call list to alert interested diners when the roasted marrow is available?

Happy Eating,



A gift

Sometimes gifts come in fun and beautiful ways. Debby Brown, friend, quilter, quilting teacher and Handi Quilter Educator. Debby is a quilting bestie, offering encouragement, sage advice and good honest opinions when asked. A darned fined quilter, indeed. I do admire Debby.
gift 1The other day Debby and I were chatting and she asked if the mail arrived.  It had not. Yesterday she asked again, and my husband handed me a box. Inside a little gift, a tiramisu, a little pick me up of sorts: an adorable fat-eighth, a sparkly pen that will stay with my planner (which I love by the way. Deco-Bob thread (I’ve been wanting to try this one), Wonderfil Tutto (a nod to the article I have in the current issue of Generation Q Magazine). Did you notice that the Tutto is orange? She knows that orange is one of my very favorite colors! 
Did you notice that the colors on the front of this issue are purple and orange? Oh my goodness! I totally have to thank Lisa Lauch, our Creative Director, for that. Though I don’t think she really knows that purple and orange are my faves!!

chuao chocolate – mmm chocolate and lip balm, who doesn’t need a good lip balm every now and again. And the sweetest bit: a Longaberger basket. I love Longaberger baskets and I have several around the house that once belonged to Joy. I’d own a few more, they are spendy and worth every, single, hand-crafted inch of their spendiness.
gift 2This little pick me up has a purpose and it is received with the joy in which it was intended.
Thanks so much Debby.

Happy Quilting!


Going to the Train Show Today

This morning I’m heading over to the train show with some family. It’ll be the first time in a couple of years that I’ve been able to go. I love this show…not so much for the trains but for the incredible work that goes into creating these buildings and vignettes. And the flora in the Conservatory is gorgeous. Before we leave I’ll be working on some final prep for Road to California. Tomorrow is laundry and packing as I’m leaving very early Tuesday morning. I can not WAIT for this show. I am really honored that my classes are full. You all are just awesome. I’ll try to blog while I’m there. I plan to blog for Gen Q while I’m there so if I don’t post here I will post there.
Saturday evening I’ll be in the Cherrywood booth demoing quilting. Come on over and visit with Karla Overland and see these gorgeous fabrics.

Happy Quilting!


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A Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas post

barnummy-cats-a-poserI gotta tell ya. We loved these little dudes, Barnum and Bailey. I miss coming home from work, traveling and having Barnum chat me up or Bailey lay on his back waiting for his belly to be rubbed. Aww yes our little furry friends we love them and make little sacrifices for them. We chose for years, because these kittens loved to climb up trees,. It was really funny that first year remembering their hike up the tree with those shameful, elizabethan collars clearly indicating a change of their status.
This was the last year we had a tree. Oh yes, it had to go. Sigh. The thought of getting pine pitch out of cat fur, broken Christmas decorations out of the carpet and cats sucking on lights yeah, no. We loved putting up the tree, making our own memories with the Christmas music playing in the background, wassail in our mugs. Okay my mug, not his. But it makes the whole house smell great!

In a few weeks, we’ll put up a tree. I’m looking forward to it.I’m looking forward to wassail simmering on the stove, Christmas music and finding just the perfect tree.
I miss those furry faces though. Barnum and Bailey. The Circus.

We’ll have a Merry Christmas!


PS – I declared Sunday Ask Teri a Machine Quilting Question. I have 2 great ones. If you have any machine quilting questions please post them here and I’ll answer them in a blog post soon.