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A little or a lot? Or how much quilting for this quilt?

How much threadwork does this quilt need? A little? A medium amount? A lot? This question comes up frequently often saying something like, "I see all these quilts that are quilted to within an inch of life and I don't 'get it', 'like it', 'understand it'." or "I like quilts that are quilted this way… Continue reading A little or a lot? Or how much quilting for this quilt?

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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Decadent ganache covered whoopie pies - check. Waking up early - check. Excited about this week - check. Writing an unexpected blog - check. Friend with a new venture - check. Really check out Ebony Love's MADE Creative Fiber Arts Studio opening in June. MADE's facebook page. Tomorrow I finish piecing a quilt that… Continue reading Easter Sunday

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If you’re reading this it must be April 1st

And I am in a place I want to be, the AQS Show in Lancaster for the day, and then will see friends who got married about a month after my sweetie and me. I met Jules in PA, though it wasn't until we were living in GA that our friendship blossomed. And she's stuck… Continue reading If you’re reading this it must be April 1st

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It was the best of times…it was the worst of times

was what I said to my sister and sister-in-love tonight. We supped at Tazzina in Forest Hills, Queens a place convenient to these two delightful characters. Personally my evening started with a call to the NY City 311 number to report a malfunctioning muni-meter. Parking right in front of the place I thought, "hey this is… Continue reading It was the best of times…it was the worst of times

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A gift

Sometimes gifts come in fun and beautiful ways. Debby Brown, friend, quilter, quilting teacher and Handi Quilter Educator. Debby is a quilting bestie, offering encouragement, sage advice and good honest opinions when asked. A darned fined quilter, indeed. I do admire Debby. The other day Debby and I were chatting and she asked if the… Continue reading A gift

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Going to the Train Show Today

This morning I'm heading over to the train show with some family. It'll be the first time in a couple of years that I've been able to go. I love this show...not so much for the trains but for the incredible work that goes into creating these buildings and vignettes. And the flora in the… Continue reading Going to the Train Show Today


A Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas post

I gotta tell ya. We loved these little dudes, Barnum and Bailey. I miss coming home from work, traveling and having Barnum chat me up or Bailey lay on his back waiting for his belly to be rubbed. Aww yes our little furry friends we love them and make little sacrifices for them. We chose… Continue reading A Pre-Thanksgiving Christmas post


Honoring Vets; Honoring Family

About 8 years ago I made this quilt for my dad from his ties and some random dupioni silk I had hanging around. This is one of the first feathered stars I ever pieced, thanks to Marsha McCloskey's book I did fairly well. I need to make one more of these quilts - I just… Continue reading Honoring Vets; Honoring Family

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A weekend away is a good thing.

Friday afternoon I ended up in Bath and surprised Amanda at Mariners Compass. It was lovely and I got a copy of her mom's new book, My Twelve Maine Christmas Days. It's a delightful book and very Maine. (Clicking on the book will take you to Wendy's website) Wendy not only writes children's books. She… Continue reading A weekend away is a good thing.

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Interrupting my regularly scheduled post

For something really beautiful. Melanie's fabric will be here tomorrow. There are so many thoughts rattling around my brain to preface this however there is nothing better than the words of the original writer: We are the Adams Family and our daughter, Savannah, who is 13 y/o has epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism and developmental delays.… Continue reading Interrupting my regularly scheduled post