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Getting Ready

These last few weeks I’m in the process of getting ready for Knoxville.  I’ve finished up one major component and it’s printed.

brouchure for lecture and workshops june 2011  Here’s the pdf for you to see my lectures & workshops.  I have a few more things to do in the process, but all is coming along well.

I’d been hoping to meet my roommate before we get to Knoxville however some things have cropped up for both of us so we New Yorkers will meet at the teacher meeting on the 12th.  Given time I’d take her class in Knoxville…or Laura Wasilowski’s or Karen Stones or…or…or.

While online registration is closed for the show you can still register over the phone for those classes you’d like to take.  Check them out here.  I’d love to meet you.  As I’ve worked on preparation for the classes one thing I keep forgetting to mention is that I’ve been a member of several online groups over the years and on each one I’ve had the same name: littleflower, so if we’ve met virtually I’d love to meet you in 3d as my friends like to say, feel free to come over & say hello.  My schedule does allow for me to wander around the quilt show at some point!  Here’s my schedule for teaching:

Wednesday AM – Beginner Free Motion Quilting

Wednesday PM – And Now What?!

Thursday All Day – Let Your Foot Loose be Fancy & Free

Friday 1:00 – Lecture: Quilting is a Beautiful & Complicated Art.

Saturday AM – Beginner Free Motion Quilting

Saturday 1:00 – All Star Review

Anne delivered this to me the Monday afternoon.  I’m bringing this to Knoxville with me, as is, for part of the And Now What?! class on Wednesday afternoon to talk about the quilting possibilities.  While I’m not stumped I think this is a terrific jumping off point for the conversation and to get the creative juices flowing as we discuss student quilts.

If you haven’t read the description for And Now What?! this is a practicing free motion machine quilting class without ever taking a stitch.  That’s right!  I provide handouts to the students to practice designs for trying machine quilting motif’s.  As I learned to machine quilt I’d practice motifs on paper to get a feel for their rhythm before heading to the machine.  Now I’ve taken to something along the zentangles or more directed drawing to figure out how a quilt can come to fruition.  I doodle both right and left handed.  The left handed practice is not nearly as pretty as the right handed but it gives me time to really think about the process of the stitching.



Happy Quilting!


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