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Took a couple of pics today

That I thought I’d share with you.  The first  is the silk organza hand dyed by Esterita Austin that is over the gold Radiance.  I need to fuse the two together, that will happen in a few weeks.  I think the idea of quilting “Staten Island Sunset” will work well.  Once I get to Knoxville I should be able to get some more silk and other threads to stitch out this quilt.  I like how the two work together to give the sunset feeling.

As an aside, did you know that paper is heavy?  I sent a box full of stuff I need to teach my classes to the hotel in Knoxville and paper . . .is heavy indeed.  RaNae Merrill gave me a great line on a place that will copy & ship to the location I’m teaching.  What a great service!  Thanks RaNae for sharing this.

Second photo is the quilt I’m working on with a friend.  (I’d posted a little tidbit on this post)  I happened upon a box of thread he included with the quilt and found this amazing metallic thread that will really make the gray pop in a very subtle way.  As I started threading the machine the patterning presented itself in one of the fabrics used in the quilt top.  There are two shades of gray used in the quilt top and they are both being quilted in the metallic.  There is a variegated metallic that will be used in another section of the quilt top.  I can hardly wait to see how it dances across the surface of the quilt.

I’ve had the opportunity to “meet” one of the students I’ll have for Let Your Foot Loose, be Fancy & Free.  Julia Graber, who will be at the Knoxville show having a luncheon with her sisters Polly Yoder & Barbara Cline.  Julia & I met on AQS’s new site “My Quilt Place” a new site for quilters that’s proving to be quite fun.  Truth be told I’m quite honored she’s taking my class.

There’s still room in my classes and I’d love to have you with me!

Happy Quilting!


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