Knoxville Update

Fun is a great word to adequately describes the AQS Knoxville quilt show!  I’m enjoying my classes, meeting the other teachers, seeing some of the winning quilts and getting ready for my lecture this afternoon!  I woke up way too early for the day thinking about the lecture.

Paula Reid is teaching here all week and judged the show.   I’ve been able to share Paula’s Batt Scooters with a few of my students this week.  It’s been rather humid this week and moving the quilt around has been challenging at times.  The Batt Scooters make a difference, the students have enjoyed them.

My roomie , Mary Ann Scheblien-Dawson, is quite delightful and talented!  She’s teaching zentangles all week.  Her work is amazing!  She let me look through a couple of her books last night and WOW!

This week has been so full that the only chance I’ve had to see the show and meet up with Angela for about 2 seconds!  I borrowed a few spools of thread from the Superior Threads booth to show my students in “Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free“.

My camera has been with me everywhere I go and has stayed, oddly, safely tucked in my bag.  I have no pics of my students!  Silly me.  One of my students, Julia Graber has a pic of the two of us with “Twilight in the Bronx”.   Julia is here with her sisters one of whom,  Barbara Cline is teaching this week.  In fact I had two of the sisters! Yay.  Julia is a member of My Quilt Place so we kinda knew each other.

This afternoon I should have some time to go see the quilts or I’ll sit in on Paula Reids class.  We’ll see.

Happy quilting!



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  1. We have stayed overnight several times at Knoxville while on the Harleys enroute to the Carolinas! I always thought it was a beautiful area!

  2. I’m happy you’re having such a good time. Lucky ladies to have a class with you. I’ll have to try those Bat Scooters.

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