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Quilterly Weekend

Radiance Gold

I was in Maine for the weekend enjoying friends , more friends & quilting!  I brought 3 different projects to work on.  Too much I know, but I never know what I’ll have the inclination to work on.  As usual I have several projects in various stages and each one needs attention.

The first project I worked on is “Staten Island Sunset” I used Misty Fuse to fuse the hand dyed silk organza to the Gold Robert Kaufman Radiance, it’s beautiful.  The color changes slightly depending on the way the light reflects on it.  I’ll take pictures when I get home to share with you.  After drawing in the the shape of the sun I started drafting the star and decided to change the shape of the diamonds and will “erase” the markings and redraft.  Thank goodness for chalk pencil marks that come off very easily.

The process was not as complicated as I thought, with a few pins, parchment paper, a warm iron and some patience the two were easily fused.  I’m very, very happy with the result.  As you can see right now it held the creases well.  Once I get some of the stitching done and can I’ll wipe away the chalk marks and give it a quick press.  It’s pinned to the design wall right now and should relax some.

As I started drafting the circle and the diamonds the ideas for how this will work started coming together.  The diamond shown(right) is a 30 degree…they will rest on the outer curve of the sun shape.  I’m going to redraft smaller diamonds in the middle and prep for quilting.  I’m using silk batting and will have some Superior Silk Thread incorporated into this piece.  I can hardly wait to get quilting on this one.

This Nancy Crow Crush fabric will be the back of the quilt.  I’m not sure what color thread I’ll use on the back at the moment.  I might use the same blue I’m using on the back of another quilt I’m currently working on.  I think the blue will show up really well and create great contrast on the back of this quilt.

We visited the ME Quilts show enjoyed the quilts and vendors.  The camera stayed in my pocket book.  Yep, I didn’t take pictures at all over the weekend.  I’m so surprised.

I purchased some batting & fabric for a couple of different friends.  I’m working on getting silk thread and frixion pens (thanks to Toby from Kindred Quilts for sending these) for a friends whole cloth quilt.

Freehand Embroider Foot


As I’ve mentioned before I use a #24 foot for free motion quilting.  I’ve always been amazed with how much I can see with this foot.  As I move around I get a better view of where I am, where I’ve been and where I want to go.  As I work on tiny pebbles, feathers or other motifs I can easily see where I want to stitch over.  Mine might need replacing.  I’d oiled it a few weeks ago when I realized the consistent knocking I was hearing was coming from the foot not the machine.  The knocking started again  I’m going to try oiling again and see what happens.

Did I mention that Paula Reid is coming to NY?  She’ll be visiting Hartsdale Fabrics October 1 – 3.  October 1st will be a Lecture along with a wine & cheese.

October 2nd – Tequila Sunrise

October 3rd –  Winter Holiday’s Kaleidoscope.

See the flier for more details. Paula Reid Flyer for October 1 – 3

Happy Quilting!



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  1. That is looking so interesting. Pity that the qualities of silk organza are so impossible to capture in photos. I will just have to use my imagination. Interesting about your FMQ foot. I always use that one too – have you spoken to Bernina, surely they shouldn’t wear out?

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