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Philly quilt show

I can’t quite remember how I learned of Ferret Capri however I’m so glad that I did.  Ferret is an amazing long arm quilter located in the UK.  Sally Bramald is another amazing quilter who’s work I’ve featured on my blog.  On Ferret’s blog she talks about her design process *Ferret is publishing her own 2012 calendar – check the September 13th post.

This was the last quilt I shot yesterday at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Philly yesterday.  And before my sweet friends get annoyed – my sweetie & I decided to go at the last minute.

As I looked at quilts on the last aisle I looked to see what was on the end of that section of the aisle and said out loud, “That’s Ferret’s quilt!”  The quilter who volunteered to white glove the quilt was so happy she got to spend the day with the quilt, she couldn’t get enough of it.  She offered to turn the quilt for anyone who walked by.  She had a little crowd when I first turned the corner.  Ferret your quilt brought a lot of quilters great joy over the weekend!

And then there is Renee’s quilt “Asante Rhythyms” .  I’ve loved this quilt all the way through the design process.  I’ve offered to give it a good home and Renee’s polite refusals aren’t deterring me from asking.  In her statement about the quilt Renee shares a bit about our mini group saying, “Asante Rhythym was influenced by a small group of friends who helped me grow from a want to be art quilter to a quilter who has found her voice.  I use friendship to channel my creative energy.  Without them, my sketches would never come to life.”  First I’m honored to be part of that process and second I’m grateful of Renee’s encouragement & support.  Renee founded our group and helps keep us going.  Thanks Renee!

Irene MacWilliam "You Can't put a hole a hole don't belong"

This quilt from Irene MacWilliam just made me so happy.  I’m glad that she put a hole in her quilt and entered it into the exhibit.  It’s a happy quilt and has a lot of depth.

The different dot fabrics that she uses really complements the holes she stitched into the quilt top.  I’d have looked at the back but alas there was no white glove volunteer around to show me.


In perusing the quilts there were so many that I didn’t get to shoot.  So many beautiful and striking quilts.  While the show floor wasn’t terribly overloaded with people some of the quilts were rather popular and getting into shoot the quilt was sometimes challenging.  I’m NOT complaining…just saying.

Elfriede Bohle "Alpha Beginning"

There were quite a few quilts that just drew me in and spoke to me.  Ferret’s being one and this next quilt, “Alpha-Beginning” by Elfriede Bohle.  I love the upward movement and overlapping color of the  quilt.  this to me seems a gift….a new beginning and an invitation.

The vendors weren’t incredibly busy and while I did some to help them my personal purchase was limited to some beautiful silks from Golden Threads Silks that I will share with you when I finishing sharing quilts in a day or two.

Happy quilting!



3 thoughts on “Philly quilt show”

  1. Teri, Great quilts…sounds like you and your Sweetie had a great adventure. No thread? Just Silk?

    Is Ferret’s quilt the same technique as Cindy Needham uses? Or a layer of sheer over the black and then quilted with white? Either way…I like it.

  2. This is all thread work – no sheer overlay. This was a practice quilt for another quilt that will be shown soon.


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