Dessert First

dessert firstThere is a delightful saying “Life is Short, Eat Dessert First” I believe it’s widely attributed to Jaques Torres who understands chocolate in a most delightful way.

 And my oh my this was dessert.  Brownie Sunday. 

dessert first 2And then there was this. Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch.
 These are brought to you by City Limits Diner in White Plains, NY.  I had not been back since they remodeled.  The remodel flipped the bar and the bakery, used warm cozy colors.  They’ve pared back the menu a bit and the fried chicken was just outstanding!!

And then dessert.  My friend ate almost the whole thing

And this is ended a most delightful day.

Donnas mosaic“A Flowering Mosaic” by Donna Chambers.  I really admire Donna’s quilt making.  She brings an art background to her quilting. 

Donna Mermaid MariahMermaid Mariah and Her Circle of Souls.

Donna and I work at the same shop together and were in a mini group so I get to see some of her works in progress.  Donna teaches the mosaic as a class.

renee with her boyThe next quilt is Renee‘s quilt of her son.  This quilt is a result of a guild challenge called reverse imagery.  The lens of his sunglasses is a photo of Renee taking a photo of him.  It’s so fun to see quilts from guild challenges.

renee laundry day
Renee with Laundry Day

 The final quilt I’m sharing from the show is Renee’s Laundry Day.  It’s a beauty and earned Renee a ribbon.  One of two she received this weekend.

Congratulations to the members of the Northern Star Quilt Guild on their 35th quilt show.  We look forward to sharing more with  you.

Happy quilting!





gratuitous fabric photo
gratuitous fabric photo

Northern Star Quilt Show Part 1

Joe Cunningham at SomersOne of their speakers and teachers this year is Joe Cunningham.  There were spaces in the classroom and if I didn’t have several things at work scheduled today like the Newsletter and giving a demonstration at 11 AM on the BERNINA 710 I would be taking his class.  Joes quilt on handiquilter“Joe the Quilter” was Saturday’s quilterly story-telling about a male quilt maker in England who made quilts back in the late 18th/early 19th century.  And through it Joe sings and shares his quilt stories. 

Up the Stream of Good Intentions
Up the Stream of Good Intentions

“Up the Stream of Good Intentions” has to be one of my favorites because it’s orange and has purples running through it. Some of the quilting is the shape of salmon swimming. 
 The quilt I’m peeking out from behind is all done on a HandiQuilter, Avante I think.  Working with the folks at HandiQuilter Joe (he was the artist in residence for a week) had the design digitized and from what I’ve seen/heard about digitizing it’s not necessarily and easy feat. 

pink tutu kimonoFANE  had a special exhibit of Kimonos. The kimonos are fun, just fun.

I think my favorite is this sweet pink tutu “Tutu Gone Kimono” by Mary Ann Healy. 

donnas kimono
A Tribute to Cheryl
Donna Chambers
renees kimono
Renee Fleuranges-Valdes

Reneé and Donna both had several pieces in the show that will be shared over the next few days. 

I have photos of more quilts and some really fun things happening as a result of being at the show. One fun thing that should happen is that I’ll be doing a whole cloth for one of the vendors.  How fun will that be?!

follow that thread

I just discovered that my laptop has a version of Corel Draw that lets me re-size and crop photos.  This will hopefully prolong the “TerifiCreations” of it all by giving me extra photo/file storage space.  Once I reach maximum storage space here I have several other blogs names in place and I’ll be “moving” to one of those, most likely “Teri Lucas” since it is my name after all. 

Quilt your World!


Don’t think “strange” think epic!

As a quilting instructor/pro quilter/award winner it’s hard sometimes to complain about the process of a quilt in progress.   I have guild members and friends but the blog, the blog takes a different tone.  Everything goes all  Miss Merry Sunshine when it sometimes it feels all  Little Shop of Horrors.

And this is one of those quilts with a hard deadline, due in 11 days (yes I’ll get it done) and I have to wait to share it with you.  However there are a couple of things I can share with you now that are principle based rather than specifically about this quilt.

Marking transfers sometimes happen in places they’re not wanted.  The original design was drafted on paper, including some of the quilting thoughts.  I used a Sharpie pen on the design paper the design being completed 2 days prior to marking the top.  As I transferred the design some of the ink bled through to the surface.  It’s minor, I can cover it up with stitching.  This was step one in this particular quilts alternate title being earned.

debby brown 004Trouble happens even on well planned, well basted quilts.  So I’m stitching along with a particular thread and it breaks.  This happens occasionally I was a bit surprised because I’d done a lot of stitching with this thread.  I clip, bury and get ready to start stitching again.  Stitch 18″ and it happens again, this time I notice that the thread is wrapping up around the needle.  It’s  bit odd so I go through the diagnosis process: rethread the machine, clean it out, drop of oil, make sure the tension isn’t too tight.  Get started stitching and find that I need my “bang head here” mug rug that I gave to Debby Brown when I saw her for 3 minutes in Houston.

I get started stitching again and 18″ in the same thing happens: thread shreds, wrapped up around the needle and I see a bit further up the thread path that the thread is un-twisting.  Hmm.  I check for burrs in the stitch plate, I change machines and once again…

Now, because this particular color is essential to the design and it’s a serious thing I take steps to remedy this.  Customer Service with this particular company is off the hook amazing!  Now comes a plan change as all of this thread has to get sent back.

Renee has thread I might be able to use, it’s similar in color. Thank you Renee!  I stitch, stitch, stitch and break.  Rinse, repeat.  Now I have to change plans entirely.  I start stitching with a different color and the thread breaks 8″ in and now I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with me, my machine, the weather, my hair color, batting, fabric.  I grab my favorite quilting tool, my seam ripper, take out the stitching, get started with another color and voila it’s all good.

As evidenced by the uber-talented Lisa Sipes  you can quilt that out (Cathy Miller, You can Quilt that Out). Well a bubble developed right over there —>  Yes, it can be quilted out, it can look fine but really?! Seriously?!  There in a conspicuous part of the quilt/design.  Really?  Well obviously yes, and with some patience it can be quilted out.  I really didn’t want to be patient.  Not really, I wanted this to just stitch beautifully and go easily well.

thumb 001Using the wrong size needle if the tension is balanced will produce pokies on the back of the quilt.  HINT use the correct needle for the thread as laziness will bring out the seam ripper.  Did I mention the deadline and the really dense quilting?  Why yes, I did.  Rule of thumb: don’t be lazy on any quilt, it’s not worth the time ripping it out.

Over the last few days I’ve been moaning and groaning to Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero and another friend cause I’ve needed to express my frustration with what’s happening with this quilt.  The quilt is really fine, really.  Jeanie said, “Don’t think ‘strange’ – think ‘epic’! Here’s to pushing ourselves outside our creative comfort zone and emerging stronger for it on the other side.”  I’m changing the thought process from “unruly” which has a clearly negative connotation to “EPIC” which stresses the beauty of the process and the quilt.

Listen to the quilt.  I’ve learned with my quilts that I must listen to them.  When I don’t there’s trouble.  The quilt needed something here and there and the quilt is going from causing me grief to working itself out.  Sigh.  Truly I know that I need to listen sometimes I just don’t know what the quilt is saying.  It’s hard to listen when I’ve got a lot of territory to cover in a short amount of time.  Well the quilt gave me a time out – I broke 5 titanium coated in less than 20 minutes.  I walked away for the rest of the day – which felt very unproductive and yet I know that the time away is essential when inspiration comes and I can continue in a way that I wasn’t planning. I know that in a few areas I need to use warmer colors and change things up a bit.  I’m finally hearing the quilt.

I frequently express gratitude for my sweetie I’m heading up to quilt shortly and he’ll take care of the meals today.  He’ll encourage me though out the day and perhaps even make coffee for me once again.  I can not thank him enough.

A final note: all quilters whether well practiced or newbies have issues with quilts.  With any art it takes time to learn the process, it takes a willingness to make mistakes and figure out how to fix them.  Asking for help is important – even when we don’t know how to phrase the question to get the help we need.  The answers given to the question will get a quilter thinking and working on problem solving in a way that will prove highly effective.  We can not get around the process.

Happy Quilting!





Philly quilt show

I can’t quite remember how I learned of Ferret Capri however I’m so glad that I did.  Ferret is an amazing long arm quilter located in the UK.  Sally Bramald is another amazing quilter who’s work I’ve featured on my blog.  On Ferret’s blog she talks about her design process *Ferret is publishing her own 2012 calendar – check the September 13th post.

This was the last quilt I shot yesterday at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in Philly yesterday.  And before my sweet friends get annoyed – my sweetie & I decided to go at the last minute.

As I looked at quilts on the last aisle I looked to see what was on the end of that section of the aisle and said out loud, “That’s Ferret’s quilt!”  The quilter who volunteered to white glove the quilt was so happy she got to spend the day with the quilt, she couldn’t get enough of it.  She offered to turn the quilt for anyone who walked by.  She had a little crowd when I first turned the corner.  Ferret your quilt brought a lot of quilters great joy over the weekend!

And then there is Renee’s quilt “Asante Rhythyms” .  I’ve loved this quilt all the way through the design process.  I’ve offered to give it a good home and Renee’s polite refusals aren’t deterring me from asking.  In her statement about the quilt Renee shares a bit about our mini group saying, “Asante Rhythym was influenced by a small group of friends who helped me grow from a want to be art quilter to a quilter who has found her voice.  I use friendship to channel my creative energy.  Without them, my sketches would never come to life.”  First I’m honored to be part of that process and second I’m grateful of Renee’s encouragement & support.  Renee founded our group and helps keep us going.  Thanks Renee!

Irene MacWilliam "You Can't put a hole a hole don't belong"

This quilt from Irene MacWilliam just made me so happy.  I’m glad that she put a hole in her quilt and entered it into the exhibit.  It’s a happy quilt and has a lot of depth.

The different dot fabrics that she uses really complements the holes she stitched into the quilt top.  I’d have looked at the back but alas there was no white glove volunteer around to show me.


In perusing the quilts there were so many that I didn’t get to shoot.  So many beautiful and striking quilts.  While the show floor wasn’t terribly overloaded with people some of the quilts were rather popular and getting into shoot the quilt was sometimes challenging.  I’m NOT complaining…just saying.

Elfriede Bohle "Alpha Beginning"

There were quite a few quilts that just drew me in and spoke to me.  Ferret’s being one and this next quilt, “Alpha-Beginning” by Elfriede Bohle.  I love the upward movement and overlapping color of the  quilt.  this to me seems a gift….a new beginning and an invitation.

The vendors weren’t incredibly busy and while I did some to help them my personal purchase was limited to some beautiful silks from Golden Threads Silks that I will share with you when I finishing sharing quilts in a day or two.

Happy quilting!



Congratulations to

Mary Anne and Renee who both won ribbons at this years World of Quilts hosted by the Northern Star Quilters.  Your quilts rocked!  Donna also entered a quilt – the first quilt she made and got some great comments from the judges.  Donna is a goldsmith and jeweler…oh my goodness her pieces are beautiful.

Mary Anne has a new lecture that we were able to preview the other night at our Pelham Quilters meeting on “Fun Back” which includes the most recent fun back made for the Village Squares Quilters Raffle Quilt “Starry Night” (photo soon).  This is a great lecture and Mary Anne has a simple explanation of the technique.  She is soon going to be awarded a Golden Dragonfly…watch for that posting soon!

When I went through the show on Sunday I ended up missing two rows…the humidity in the gym was high (not complaining as it wasn’t their fault) and it was getting to me (who would believe that I lived in Georgia for a while!)

Kinda came back to bite me as one of my quilting students stopped me in the hall and asked me about her quilt.  YIPES.  After she picked it up we visited for a while pouring over all of the beautiful machine quilting work she did!  She’s ready for the Advanced Machine Quilting (aka Let Your Foot Loose, Be Fancy & Free) at the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck.  As soon as I have this scheduled I’ll post it here.

In October I’ll have a class with the Pelham Quilters – date to be determined as we get a little closer- I’m going to teach Winding Ways or Wheel of Mystery that I’ve designed in EQ6 with Fossil Ferns by Benartex.  The goal is to have the quilt pieced and basic instructions ready in the next week or two.

Happy Quilting! Teri

Quick Post from the Northern Star Show

I did not get pictures. Had the camera and a working memory card and still did not get pictures.

The gym was really warm yesterday and I missed two rows of quilts (I’m going to tell on myself here so enjoy the laugh).  In this two rows that I missed were quilts quilted by students that I didn’t get to see hanging.  I was somewhat embarrassed because I caught up with one of them as she was going to pick up her quilt.  She showed it to me later and we talked about it for quite a while.  She’s completely ready for the Advanced Class.  I’m going to talk with Nancy at the quilt cottage in Mamaroneck about when we can offer it and will post dates shortly.

Renee and Mary Anne both won ribbons on their quilts.  I didn’t have anything entered into the show this year with all of the customer work I haven’t had time.  I’m kinda grateful for that.

Right now I’m taking advantage of some down time and working on several pieces that will go into various shows.  I had an inspiration with the Radiance pieces – putting them all together in one quilt.  I thought it was a good idea and am working out how to do that.  I’ll share the progress on the Radiance series once I get a little further along.  I have to bring my camera with me on a good day and get a picture of a wrought iron fence that just needs to be worked into a quilt.

I met Bob & Jim from the Joyful Quilter.  We’ve been facebook friends for a while.  They shared a little scoop with me and I can’t wait to tell you ’cause it’s going to be really exciting.  For some reason their website isn’t loading this morning so I can’t link over to it.

Happy quilting!


A great day all the way around

Some days are just great.

Yesterday happened to be a great day.  It started out ordinarily enough with the usual morning routine but the day just got better as it progressed.

Lacey Hill emailed me and sent me this beauty.  The Golden Butterfly Award from Lacey’s Blog, “An award given for generosity of time, sharing of knowledge, inspiration, encouragement and charitable contribution to Quilting & Fiber Art.”

I’m honored that Lacey has shared this with me!  Thank you Lacey.

As you’ve probably figured out I love quilting and I love to teach quilting.  Quilting has been one of the greatest gifts in my life and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity through teaching, through the various on line communities that I’m a member of, through the guild and now this blog to share my passion.

Another part of what made yesterday wonderful was attending the the Pelham Quilters guild.  We had 2 new members and one perspective last night, all gals I’ve met at the shop where I work.  It’s fun to see the guild grow!  Through Renee a number of members have been working on three round robin quilts.  Twelve members all together this year!  Three of us made centers and 3 other members have each had 2 months to work on their borders.  We had a reveal last night, one of the quilts is complete!  Renee will have photos on her site soon.  I started one of the centers and love where it’s going so far, each border has added something different and unique.  The next gal in line will inherit a round quilt and has until May to figure out what to do next.

I spent the afternoon with Elizabeth Rosenberg.  I’ve known of Elizabeth for years as she taught at the Country Quilter and Renee was one of her students.  Renee would come to guild all excited from a class with Elizabeth and share all of this newly found knowledge and I would just soak it up.  In directly I’ve been a student of Elizabeth’s for years.

We had lunch at City Limits in White Plains then headed over to her place.  Her studio is just perfect!  We had a little show & tell, talked and had a great time.  Elizabeth has an amazing thread stash!  *lately I’ve been buying more thread than fabric…*  I picked her brain a little bit (thank you Elizabeth) and got some great advice.  Elizabeth has been working on pieces based on Venetian lace.  Listening to the thought process behind the concept is fascinating.  She let me do a little bit of stitching around one of the circles…seriously this could be addictive.  Sometime soon I would like to make a small quilt and tweak it a bit.  Elizabeth liked the idea so I’ll see where it goes.

So a great day all the way around!

Happy quilting!