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One day I’ll quilt this quilt

I don't know when though. When life was (ahem) normal, and I went to quilt guild meetings with regularity, and I participated in challenges...sigh...those were the days. I signed up for the center of the Round Robin. The night this was due at the guild meeting I had a brief facebook conversation with Renee wondering what… Continue reading One day I’ll quilt this quilt

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Dessert First

There is a delightful saying "Life is Short, Eat Dessert First" I believe it's widely attributed to Jaques Torres who understands chocolate in a most delightful way. And my oh my this was dessert.  Brownie Sunday.  And then there was this. Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch.  These are brought to you by City Limits Diner in White Plains,… Continue reading Dessert First

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Northern Star Quilt Show Part 1

One of their speakers and teachers this year is Joe Cunningham.  There were spaces in the classroom and if I didn't have several things at work scheduled today like the Newsletter and giving a demonstration at 11 AM on the BERNINA 710 I would be taking his class.  "Joe the Quilter" was Saturday's quilterly story-telling… Continue reading Northern Star Quilt Show Part 1

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Don’t think “strange” think epic!

As a quilting instructor/pro quilter/award winner it's hard sometimes to complain about the process of a quilt in progress.   I have guild members and friends but the blog, the blog takes a different tone.  Everything goes all  Miss Merry Sunshine when it sometimes it feels all  Little Shop of Horrors. And this is one… Continue reading Don’t think “strange” think epic!

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Philly quilt show

I can't quite remember how I learned of Ferret Capri however I'm so glad that I did.  Ferret is an amazing long arm quilter located in the UK.  Sally Bramald is another amazing quilter who's work I've featured on my blog.  On Ferret's blog she talks about her design process *Ferret is publishing her own 2012 calendar… Continue reading Philly quilt show

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Congratulations to

Mary Anne and Renee who both won ribbons at this years World of Quilts hosted by the Northern Star Quilters.  Your quilts rocked!  Donna also entered a quilt - the first quilt she made and got some great comments from the judges.  Donna is a goldsmith and jeweler...oh my goodness her pieces are beautiful. Mary… Continue reading Congratulations to

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Quick Post from the Northern Star Show

I did not get pictures. Had the camera and a working memory card and still did not get pictures. The gym was really warm yesterday and I missed two rows of quilts (I'm going to tell on myself here so enjoy the laugh).  In this two rows that I missed were quilts quilted by students… Continue reading Quick Post from the Northern Star Show

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A great day all the way around

Some days are just great. Yesterday happened to be a great day.  It started out ordinarily enough with the usual morning routine but the day just got better as it progressed. Lacey Hill emailed me and sent me this beauty.  The Golden Butterfly Award from Lacey's Blog, "An award given for generosity of time, sharing… Continue reading A great day all the way around

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New Printer & Blogs I visit

I arrived home from work last night and was quite surprised and overjoyed to learn that my dear husband purchased this little beauty : A Samsung color laserjet printer so that I can print the patterns I design in EQ6 and now I can print patterns from Benartex! I had no idea this was coming… Continue reading New Printer & Blogs I visit

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Inspiration part 2

I recently finished a quilt for Linda Poole.  Click HERE and scroll down just beyond where she lists her teaching schedule for AQS. I had a blast quilting this for Linda.  At Linda's site click on the photo for the enlarged view and take a peek at the all the words on the quilt.  … Continue reading Inspiration part 2