The New York Botanical Gardens is a sweet place to visit.

In spite of the Hurricane the rose garden looked amazingly good.

Both my sweetie and I had our cameras and with great memory space we both took a lot of pictures.

This bee waited just long enough for me to snap it’s pic.  The bees were out!  Loads and loads of them getting ready for a winter that seems to be starting already today.

From the Rose Garden we went over to the Japanese exhibit in one of the main buildings.  Not only did they have the


mums well trained once again.  I’m always amazed at the level of work someone is willing to put into training the mums.  Knowing what the level of work I put into my quilts I see how much time and effort goes into these displays.

On the way over to the Conservatory for the exhibit we spent some time in the the Herb Garden & Perennial Garden absolutely fascinated.

This grasshopper posed for me.  I’m realizing now the grasshopper is upside down.  It was there for several minutes as I tried to get a good shot.  I did not know that grasshoppers have yellow appendages.

As I peruse these pictures I’m grateful for the opportunity to have this amazing Garden here in NYCity not too far from my home that I can enjoy.  I love flowers and am inspired by their shapes and colors for some of the quilting I do.  There are so many shapes that can be incorporated.

Then there’s color too.  Oh the color.

The color is so important.

Warm & cool colors work together.  I’m not sure I could appreciate one without the other.

The blue in this bird of paradise just makes the orange brighter and the whole flower stands out, fully stands out against the brownish greens behind it.

The bright green of the leaves let the deep red of this flower (sorry I don’t know what it is) stand out.  The deep red heightens the brightness of the green leaves.  The colors complement one another.

While I’m not particularly fond of what follows I love autumn.  I love the bright colors of the leaves and the crisp texture of everything.  Staten Island Sunset will show that appreciation in a way that is different from how I used color in Twilight in the Bronx and Moon Over Manhattan.

Joen Wolfrom has been sharing her color knowledge on her blog.  One of my earlier quilts is inspired by Joen Sharing her color knowledge on Simply Quilts so many years ago.

One of may favorite tidbits to share with students is color shading.  The entire lily here is pink from top to bottom.  It’s all in the shading of that pink that creates the beauty and light in the flower.  I can hardly wait to incorporate fuchsia and several other shades of pink into the next quilt.

Happy Autumn!