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New York Botanical Garden

I have with me here one of my nieces. My dad had a knack for taking pictures with an "I have no idea what's going to happen here" kind of fee. I turned the camera hoping to catch my niece and me and took the shot. Et Voila. The neice, she has a lovely smile.… Continue reading New York Botanical Garden

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Going to the Train Show Today

This morning I'm heading over to the train show with some family. It'll be the first time in a couple of years that I've been able to go. I love this show...not so much for the trains but for the incredible work that goes into creating these buildings and vignettes. And the flora in the… Continue reading Going to the Train Show Today

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New York Botanical Gardens Train Show

        After weeks of very long days and not  meeting an obligation I have a down day.  We've been members of the Botanical Garden for years, joining when our youngest nephew was coming to visit for a few days...unfortunately the weather when he and his parents were here was rather yucky and we… Continue reading New York Botanical Gardens Train Show

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One of my favorite places in the City

Is the New York Botanical Garden.  My sweetie, a good friend and I spent 3 hours walking around, checking out the cherry blossoms and other blooming flowers.  I was in part on a quest to take a beautiful, inspiring photo for one of my mini groups.  I may go back one day next week on… Continue reading One of my favorite places in the City

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The New York Botanical Gardens is a sweet place to visit. In spite of the Hurricane the rose garden looked amazingly good. Both my sweetie and I had our cameras and with great memory space we both took a lot of pictures. This bee waited just long enough for me to snap it's pic.  The… Continue reading