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Color Wheel

I like color. A lot. I like how color plays. I like how color sings. I like how color behaves, misbehaves, swirls, whirls, blends, hides, shows off and generally is itself. Joen Wolfrom appeared on Simply Quilts some long time ago, talking about color. She talked about the 3-in-1 color tool, how it's used in… Continue reading Color Wheel

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The New York Botanical Gardens is a sweet place to visit. In spite of the Hurricane the rose garden looked amazingly good. Both my sweetie and I had our cameras and with great memory space we both took a lot of pictures. This bee waited just long enough for me to snap it's pic.  The… Continue reading


So I’m over at Charlotte Angotti’s blog

Looking at her tips, which are hugely helpful,  Charlotte has a Mary Ellen Hopkins approach to quilting, they're meant to be used & loved.  I'm sure if you sat on a quilt at Charlotte's house she wouldn't mind! Charlotte's color tip: "1. All greens go together just as all reds and all blues go together… Continue reading So I’m over at Charlotte Angotti’s blog