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A peek outside my window

The view from my front window is generally in neutral tones.  The neighbors all have shades of white, tan & taupe for the siding on their house.  Sunrise & sunset change things up a bit.

Looking out the office window at sunset is a beautiful thing.  The colors of the sunset lately are much deeper than the brilliant reds, oranges & pinks of the summer months.  The blues in the night turning sky deepen creating more contrast between the light & dark colors.  During the summer months the sun is much more to the right and now is directly in front of the office at sunset.

I really enjoy the color peeping through the branches of the trees.

Early morning frequently looks just like this shades of red and pink streaking across the sky.  The suns light changes so quickly.  The house across the street takes on pink overtones for short periods of time.

Last night as I waited for my sweetie to come home & take me out for dinner I took several shots of this tree.  Between the colors of the sunset and the deep reds & oranges of the tree I had a few great pics.  Then after the 3rd shot I looked at the camera quickly and the screen was telling me I’d forgotten to put the memory card back in.  I had a couple of shots of the above sunset that were slightly brighter than the ones above and one of the tree.  By the time I put the memory card back in the sun had changed and I couldn’t see the tree clearly any longer.  Oh well.  These things happen.

Happy Quilting!




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  1. At least when quilting, when one forgets to put the bobbin in, or to thread the needle, one knows instantly, not 6 “shots” later. Oh wait, maybe not in the case of the unthreaded needle. (Really, I was just testing the feel of the quilt as I ran it through the machine.)

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