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I’m still here!

This last week has been busy.  Work, guild, work.  Thinking about several upcoming guest bloggers in January/February.  I’m lining these special quilters up as I’ll be having surgery the 2nd week of January and won’t be quilting or blogging for a few weeks after.  My studio will miss me I’m sure.  It’s nothing serious just something I need to take care of and am doing so while I have the opportunity.

I’ve also been working with a couple of quilters in an on-line mentoring process that seems to work well.

Earlier this week I decided to go ahead and send in the application to teach with a big show, of course the deadline is tomorrow so rush was the word of the days.  For some silly reason I was away from 12:15  to 2 Tuesday morning.  That’s when I decided to apply.  As I was going to guild Tuesday and I’m no longer serving on the board I had some time.  The old adage applied here, “the hurriedier I go, the behinder I get!”  As I made copies and filled out pages the computer & scanner didn’t want to talk to each other consistently.   By 11 I was running late and needed to go.

Of course that afternoon I needed to go to work to finish the newsletter and go to our holiday party.  So yesterday morning I finished the application, wrapped up “Moon Over Manhattan” aka “Little Miss Sassy Pants” to go to Road to California and headed to the Fed Ex office.  The application will arrive on time and Little Miss Sassy Pants will be a little early.

Now that these 2 things are off my plate I can get back to the studio & get some other quilterly things done.

Happy quilting!



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