Quilt Shows and a bit of other stuff

Mornin’ Quilty Peeps

The Dutchess Heritage Quilt Show is quickly approaching, October 7 and 8. It’s hard to believe that this is just around the corner. I’m tweaking handouts, getting quilts together, and looking forward to this show. Paula Reid will be in the Sew and Vac booth demonstrating the Westalee Ruler Foot on the brother sewing machines.

If you’re in the neighborhood drop by the show.

Connections Quilt Festival Quilt Show EntryQuilt Show Entry deadline is October 15th. So there’s still time to enter. I need to shoot a quilt, then will be entering 2. After you’ve entered the quilt show head on over and sign up for a few classes. There are some amazing teachers in the group: Melinda Bula, Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill, Lynn Thibault, Margaret Mew, Lynn Wheatley and Me. If I weren’t teaching there are a few classes I’d take.

The Road 2 California quilt show entry deadline is just days away. Yes, I’m entering. It all has to do with that picture!

I'm kind of in love with Kaleidoscope Kreator.

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See you in a couple of days! I’m spending today and tomorrow with my sweetie celebrating our 25th.

Happy Quilting,


A wee nip o’character

This one section of the Quilted Block of the Month that starts on Saturday.


I just want to point out that my lines aren’t perfect. Sometimes when quilting I get to thinking about things, or looking through the wrong part of my lenses. If, and only IF this were a competition quilt I’d rip that stuff out. It’s not a competition quilt, so it’s staying. There’s another little bit that happens later in the block that lends a little bit of “ooops what happened here” but ends up being something I like.

Saturday I’ll give all the information from fabric, thread, batting, and needles used, where I used them, and why I made those decisions.

How’s that for a tease?

PS After an email conversation with a friend last night I went over to the Road to California website. I don’t know when it got an makeover but Wow! I have a goal to get two quilts ready, and October 2nd seems almost reasonable for me. As long as life doesn’t throw me any more left-hooks!

Happy Quilting!


So…do you know?

teri lucas qad gen q amenAbout Pinwheels and Friends in Mt. Kisco the weekend of February 3 and 4? Location: Holiday Inn, One Holiday Dr. The Generation Q Magazine Quilt as Desired exhibit will be there. The same block, quilted by different quilters, in different ways, by hand, home sewing machine, sit-down longarm, and long arm. Exhibiting this will be a lot of fun, as I’ll get to chat with quilters for the weekend. Working on this exhibit is one of the more memorable experiences working with Generation Q. So many quilters so little time. Sometime later this year we will do this again with a whole new set of quilters. This ought to be so much fun. We have a few people in mind.

I’m also going to go to Quilt Con later in February working in the Pinwheels booth. And at some point I’ll get photos and write a blog post or two for the magazine.

And now…

2090981602Here it is! remember all those sneak peeks on Instagram and facebook I posted. This is the finished quilt hanging in the booth. Diane and Bruce have kitted it with the pattern. If you’re at Road to California this weekend you can see the quilt in person and get the kit. The cream is called oatmeal. Who doesn’t love oatmeal? I mean I’m sure there are a few people but, the color is gorgeous.

This week has seen the stitching fly with a couple of pieces for the magazine. A lot of fun in the sewing room for sure. One will appear in our pages, the other will appear on our website. Must. Write. Patterns.

So, see you soon, somewhere out there!


Road to California Day 1

tilde-competition-overall-3.jpegSo tonight (as I’m writing this) I got so excited that I dropped my backpack and purse right where I stood and hugged him! OMG I am that excited. I have wanted to meet Keith Dommer for a very long time. And I did. Keith, his mom and sister will all be together in class on Friday.


Here is my classroom. In a day or so I’ll post a few more pictures with the quilts hanging and the thread and kits and whatnot. We’re stitching on B 750’s with and without the BERNINA Stitch regulator. These quilters moved right along. It was lovely to watch. Some of the quilters are taking Let Your Foot Loose be Fancy Free I can hardly wait to get them stitching and growing and showing them how to use the carpet shown here in the photo as inspiration for quilting.

Happy Quilting!


A bit of this and that

Lisa is working on getting the video ready. She’s had a bit of a technical delay…the cord to connect the camera to the computer went missing. She searched and searched, with no success. Bang.Head.Here! A new cord procured and Lisa is well on the way. This photo was accidental. Funny, but accidental. The memory on Lisa’s camera got full right before our last moment. After mounting my camera on her tripod. My new camera that is barely broken in, so we’re both trying to figure out what button to push. I turns out it’s not the same button for taking a photo. Pressing that button gets photos like this an action shot of sorts. What cracks me up is the look on my face…so serious. Lisa and I were having a great time and laughing.


After a long wait I finally have the BERNINA Patchwork foot for the 9 mm wide machines with Dual Feed, the 97 D. Alas it is in my sewing room untouched. And will be that way until shortly after I get home from Road to California. I am in a final push for prep for my classes. And we have some family changes that have kept me out of my sewing room while we get ready. It’s a lovely change and I’m excited about it.

After seeing what Sarah Vedeler can do with the Silhouette Cameo I got the Silhouette Portrait. Sarah Designed It’s a Sterling life on Berkeley Square for BERNINA using the Cameo and the embroidery features on the BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition. It’s gorgeous. Both the machine and the quilt.
portrait_straightonI am planning on using the Portrait for a project in the book and for a few other quilts that are rambling through my head. Being able to cut shapes quickly and easily is kind of exciting. Sarah gives some great tips in her blog posts.

Happy Quilting!


Go Mini or Go Home a couple of helpful hints

cherrywood cool grays warm autumsHappy Monday! I can hardly believe that Road to California is right around the corner. I’m so very excited to be teaching and attending this show.
A few students have asked questions about the color run and how many strips to cut.

These are the two gradations (color run) packs that I used from Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabric to create the quilt top. Cherrywood will be at the show. A color run can and should be colors and fabrics that you LOVE. So if you love small scale prints or Kaffe Fasset or Tula Pink fabrics by all means use them. We can determine a layout for you.

The other question: how many strips to cut – let’s limit it to 5 max. This gives the opportunity to use the rest of the fat quarter for the corner squares and half-square triangles and perhaps to piece the backing for the quilt.

The final other question – do you need to bring feet for the machine? No. BERNINA will be providing feet!

I’ve enjoyed the emails coming in!

Happy Quilting!


Today’s To Do List

Eagerly await new camera! Check!

A few years ago my sweetie got the best camera ever, a Canon PowerShot A 650 IS. This is the one with the screen that flips around multi directionally. Best. Camera. Ever. 12.1 Mega pixels, macro and the list goes on. I can assure you I didn’t explore the depths of what this camera had to offer. Something happened a while back and the zoom in/out button got stuck. UGH. I can tell you that it made taking pictures very hard. Of course when my sweetie called to see if it can be repaired it’s out of warranty and would cost more than the camera is worth. Sigh. I’m going to keep the camera just because I love it.

So my sweetie did some research and a new camera is on its way, a Canon PowerShot SX 520 HS, a 16 mega pixel camera with lots of features that I’m hoping to better explore. I think at some point I’m going to get his tripod out and shoot some quilting video. I might even post it if I don’t think it’s too dorky.

Finish Christmas Cards! 

It’s still Christmas until Epiphany and I’m going with that. The last few weeks have been a little nutty.

Quilt and Prep work for Road to California

My sewing room needs me and I’m going to listen to her siren song. There have been ideas for the book floating around in my head that I want to put down on paper and tape to the wall so that when I start working on quilts I can go for it. Ideas have been flitting around in my head for months, eh who’s kidding who, years. Years, I say.
Kits need to be finished up and sent ahead. I’m getting excited. No. Wait. That’s not true. I’ve been excited since Stevii Graves asked me to come teach. Sweet!!!
And a Thank You card needs to be sent, but the person is in the process of a move so I think I’ll wait until she gets where she’s going. It’s always exciting to have mail arrive when you get to your new home.

at play greg caseWhile I’m at Road I get to see Diane Magidson of Sew Batik. She’s one of the sweetest people I know. There will be cookies and dinner. I’m hoping to get to see Jake Finch too. Oh and I get to meet Keith Dommer in person. Holy Happiness! I’m excited about that.

@play will be in the teacher exhibit. I love to see my quilts hanging in shows even if they’re not competing.

I’m off to get some stitching done.

Happy Quilting!