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Confirmed! I’ll be teaching

Olde City Quilts August 16, 17 & 18!  Judy Engime and I just firmed up the details the other day.  I will be sending a quilt to her in the next week.  Here’s how the schedule is working

August 16th – trunk show  6 PM

August 17 –  10 AM – 4 PM Let Your Foot Loose Be Fancy & Free (Intermediate & Advanced Machine Quilting)

August 18 – 10 AM – 4 PM a new whole cloth class that I’ll add more details in the next week or so

I visited a quilt shop earlier this week and picked up my favorite batting.  I like low loft batting in my quilts and was so happy to pick this up!Then at the Lindt outlet I picked up a little quilterly fortification.  It used to be that I only ate dark chocolate peanut M&M’s in my sewing room.  Not so anymore I love dark chocolate and Lindt had a great variety to choose from.  None of this is overly sweet and will last a couple of months.  There are 8 bars here.  2 pieces goes a long, long way.

Today I’m heading into the sewing studio will start to put a few things away in preparation for this:  I can hardly wait to get this up and my fabric stored on it.  I first saw this at Neen’s with all of her fabric, notions and thread neatly stored.  The batting will go on top.

This is one of the best storage units for quilters I’ve ever seen.

I also picked up this drawer unit to store thread, rulers and whatever.

I can hardly wait to get organized.  I was just reading an article by Ricky Tims about getting organized and how it helps creativity.

I’m thinkin’ he’s right.

Happy Quilting!


6 thoughts on “Confirmed! I’ll be teaching”

  1. I have those shelves in white in my studio! They’re great!
    Congrats on teaching! I want to come. 🙁 🙂

  2. Wish I could be in Jersey for your class, maybe another time. FYI, in case you have not seen the latest Health news, Dark chocolate on a daily basis prevents strokes. Of course, i don’t remember the amount but it is GOOD for you. Enjoy! Pat

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