Rulers with a domestic Sewing Machine

Road to California update. As I write this i’m at the end of my 2nd day of teaching. Today’s class: Let Your Foot Loose be Fancy & Free was a great class. I’ll be bringing one of my student samples home as I just loved her design, she was willing to go along with me and will show you in a few days. On my way to the convention center this morning I stopped, put down the box of magazines down – kind of spilling them out in a most decorative way, and took a photo of the mountain and the sunlight hitting it that just made my heart sing. I managed to post it to Instgram. Today (as you read) is Go Mini or Go home! 

The other day Lisa and I posted that our video is edited. Before we posted Lisa wanted to make sure I’d watched the vid so in between things here in California I watched and enjoyed each moment. It’s casual, Lisa and I had a conversation as I stitched. In part Lisa asking questions and in part our interaction with one another.
Thanks once again to Rob and Judy from Olde City Quilts for allowing us to use their space. I love that the sound of the long arms being used is in the background.

Lisa is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have plans for world quilting domination. No, no not domination. No. We do have plans to shoot more vid.
Have a fab day!


Video edited!

???????????????????????????????A way back, oh so long ago Lisa Calle and I met at Olde City Quilts to shoot some video. Lisa had some troubles by way of not finding the cord that connects her camera to the computer so there was a “failure to communicate”. A new cord obtained, and some time at the computer Lisa has the video edited. I’ll get to see it Tuesday (which is my travel day so it’ll be late on the East Coast) before I get to watch.
As soon as I’ve watched we’ll figure out which day later this week we’re going to post, either Thursday or Friday.

Happy Quilting!


A bit of this and that

Lisa is working on getting the video ready. She’s had a bit of a technical delay…the cord to connect the camera to the computer went missing. She searched and searched, with no success. Bang.Head.Here! A new cord procured and Lisa is well on the way. This photo was accidental. Funny, but accidental. The memory on Lisa’s camera got full right before our last moment. After mounting my camera on her tripod. My new camera that is barely broken in, so we’re both trying to figure out what button to push. I turns out it’s not the same button for taking a photo. Pressing that button gets photos like this an action shot of sorts. What cracks me up is the look on my face…so serious. Lisa and I were having a great time and laughing.


After a long wait I finally have the BERNINA Patchwork foot for the 9 mm wide machines with Dual Feed, the 97 D. Alas it is in my sewing room untouched. And will be that way until shortly after I get home from Road to California. I am in a final push for prep for my classes. And we have some family changes that have kept me out of my sewing room while we get ready. It’s a lovely change and I’m excited about it.

After seeing what Sarah Vedeler can do with the Silhouette Cameo I got the Silhouette Portrait. Sarah Designed It’s a Sterling life on Berkeley Square for BERNINA using the Cameo and the embroidery features on the BERNINA 880 Sterling Edition. It’s gorgeous. Both the machine and the quilt.
portrait_straightonI am planning on using the Portrait for a project in the book and for a few other quilts that are rambling through my head. Being able to cut shapes quickly and easily is kind of exciting. Sarah gives some great tips in her blog posts.

Happy Quilting!


Shooting Video!

Rob Engime Olde City QuiltsThe bonus of my sweetie having Friday’s off is that in yesterday’s snow he drove me to Olde City Quilts in Burlington, NJ for a video shoot with Lisa Calle. We got plans quilters big plans. Well smallish plans for now.

I did take a couple of pictures, this one of Rob Engime is one of my favorites.

I’ve been wanting to shoot video of quilting for a while so this is a bonus. My camera will shoot video and my husband has a tri-pod so once I’m finished the book I’m going to take on learning how to shoot and edit video. With CreativeSuite 3 I know I can edit and am eager to pursue learning how.


We worked on three different machines as we shot video the last being one of the B 780’s that H.P. Ueltschi signed when he visited Rob & Judy’s shop a few months ago.

I just watched the wrap-up I did at the end, it’s not so bad. I do have a serious face which I think is hilarious!

When Lisa has the video ready we’ll both post it on our blogs.


Happy Quilting!


Whole Cloth Wrap Up

It was with great pleasure that I delivered Moon Set to it’s new home.Moon Set Relived describes well the big chunk of emotion experienced. I made my intended delivery date and completed one major task before moving on to a new one.
Using a great variety of thread just makes me happy. I don’t always know how the end project will look and I kind of like that surprise.

Lisa Calle whole cloth challenge quiltLisa is still working on her quilt. I’m looking forward to seeing how she finishes this. She has a great start. Learning how to quilt on a domestic sewing machine isn’t easy after you’ve been a long arm quilter for a long time. Learning how to long arm isn’t easy after you’ve been a domestic machine quilter for a long period of time. Hey wait! What? I hope I wrote that correctly. Either way you go it’s all about practice, practice, practice. When Lisa finishes her quilt I’ll do something of a splash and give her a gift.

I’ve enjoyed every single quilt that has come in to Lisa’s site. The link takes you to all of the quilts. Lisa and I spoke to each other on the phone the other day hit the random number generator and let that select a whole cloth quilt to win. Lisa and I are both very happy that we didn’t have to choose this on our own.
The random number generator selected 32 and here it is:
TatyanaDuffie whole cloth challengeCongratulations Tatyana Duffie!
Tatyana receives a 2 1/2 yd cut of Radiance (compliments of Teri Lucas), a twin size batting (thank you to Olde City Quilts) and two rulers, the Quilter’s Groove™ ProMax™ and the Pro™  compliments of Lisa Calle.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project. We’ve loved every single moment of it.

Happy Quilting!


Whole cloth challenge update and A visit to my family

weeks dye works

As you saw the other day Lisa Calle and I had a great visit to Olde City Quilts earlier this week. While we were there we took a few minutes to work out a few more details for the Whole Cloth Challenge!  (Note as you’ll see below I am heading out for a trip this morning and  have not been able to get back into my sewing room to shoot this quilt)

I’m about 75% finished with the quilt – I’m excited about that and will have it finished by the end of the first week in December. Check in on Lisa’s Blog for her progress.

Please check Lisa’s Gallery if a photo of your quilt is not on there please email it to Lisa.

We will have a date with a Random Number Generator as soon as I return from a trip at the end of the first week of December to give:
Olde City Quilts – Twin Size cotton wool blend batting
Lisa – Pro Max and Pro Mini Rulers
Teri – two 1/2 yard cuts of Robert Kaufman Radiance (I’ll choose color)

We’re really enjoying seeing what’s coming in!


This weekend I’m going to be a bit quiet. There will be very little quilting related stuff going on. I have a blog to write for Generation Q Magazine (big surprise!) since I am the “blogger in chief”.

I’m headed to Maine for the weekend. This is a Total Family Weekejacqui-showing-alines-quiltnd. I haven’t visited with the family in a little over a year. It’s been very difficult not seeing them.

Just because I won’t be Quilting doesn’t mean that I won’t be thinking about quilting.

And thinking about you my favorite quilters.

Have a fab weekend.


Olde City Quilts and the Q24

HP and Judy
HP Ueltschi with Judy Engime at Olde City Quilts
Olde City Quilts Therese Canfield
BERNINA District D Manager Therese Canfield
Barb Persing at Olde City Quilts
Barbara Persing listening to HP talk about BERNINA

I left home at  7 AM to drive to Olde City Quilts for the debut of the BERNINA Q24 longarm at the shop. I’m smitten with this long arm. I’ve flirted with longarm machines over the years trying this one and that. I’ve carefully considered the pros and cons of each one. Ultimately the problem with any longarm is that I don’t have the space for them.
Fast forward several companies have longarm machines on tables aka sit down longarms. Again I’ve flirted with them. I like them a lot. Something wasn’t quite right. Couldn’t quite put my ear on it. Hmm what was it? Why am I so smitten with the new BERNINA machines?

It’s the sound.

That’s right. It’s the sound. The BERNINA sounds right.

It feels right too. Barbara Persing helped find the right mode for me to work in and off I went. The Q24 has 4 modes: BSR 1, BSR 2, BSR 3 and Manual Mode. BSR 3 is for basting. In Manual Mode I felt the most comfortable.

Lisa Calle OCQ event
with BERNINA Ambassador Lisa Calle
Olde City with Linda Hahn
with BERNINA Ambassador Linda Hahn

The sound is right, did I mention that? Lisa Calle and I both said that? It SOUNDS right. There may have been some school girl squealing involved in that statement. Then there’s the bobbin winder so fast and the thread path. Oh dearie me!
Yes, yes I am a BERNINA girl – my shirt was almost that color.
Up in a few days more on the whole cloth challenge. Rumor has it there are new rulers to play with. I’ve used Angela’s Ruler and love it so I’m looking forward to using Lisa’s Rulers. Lisa and I will blog on the same day (just need to coordinate that).
I’m off to do some blogging for Gen Q and laundry for a quick trip to see family this weekend.

Happy Quilting!