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A Day in Jersey!

Hunterdon County Quilting Guild quilt

As evidenced by summer blogs we enjoy visiting local fairs around the tri-state area.  We’ll drive a few hours depending on the size of the fair.  It’s a great way to support the local community and sometimes see quilts.  4-H keeps the art of quilting alive in the younger generation in a quiet, unassuming way, teaching quilting as part of the program.  The fairs will frequently have the local guilds with quilts hanging often with their raffle quilt.  Who doesn’t enjoy an opportunity to support a local guild?

All of the ladies that I met were just lovely.  The quilt to the left is the raffle quilt for the Hunterdon County Quilting Guild.  I love the unusual setting of the blocks.  The larger quilts were hung from the ceiling and the smaller quilts were on stands, clipped to the top.  I like the quilt here here as well  Unfortunately I’m not sure who the owner/quilter.  If you know please let me know and I’ll update the photo.  One of the gals I chatted with knows the gal who taught me how to hand quilt.  This would have been sometime in 1993.  WOW how things have changed in my quilterly life.  As well they should.


My love for wrought iron in all it’s forms continues.  This is the top of some kind of  chimney style room warmer I think.

The front of the chimney seems to be making face. 🙂





at Brickwall in Asbury, NJ

A little later in the day we ended up in Asbury, NJ at Brickwall restaurant.  They have these great signs on the wall.  I got photos of two of them and would like to go back and get photos of a few more as they are pithy and quite fun.  The food is good too.  I had mini burgers, they had the option of 2 or 4, and macaroni and cheese in just the right size.  I ate the whole thing!

Right now I could hang this in my studio – not for long tho!

And then there was this quip.  Oh yes right now my studio feels rather overwhelming and will for a little while as I go through the process of reorganizing.


As with any process it can take time.  The first thing will be moving things out and setting up the new shelving unit.  I will be moving a second vintage sewing machine in there which will serve as a light stand.  One other vintage machine will be set up so I can have something pretty to look at.

Other art work will go on the wall as well.  The first thing that went up is a painted owl entitled “Night” by my very good friend Anne.  It’s an even exchange I get the painting and she gets the quilt we made together for the Hoffman Challenge a couple of years ago.  Pictures will come as the work progresses.


Happy Quilting!


3 thoughts on “A Day in Jersey!”

  1. NJ State Fair starts today. Although I still prefer to think of it under its old name, the Sussex County Farm and Horse Show. I used to take my boys every year, but don’t really go anymore.

  2. The first quilt looks to be a Judy Martin design! She loves to use lots of stars in unusual settings! Hang in there with the studio reorganization! I’m not 100% done with mine, but it has freed me up creatively!

  3. I’ll be at the NJ State Fair tomorrow, working at the Quilts of Valor table. I’ve only been to the Dutchess County Fair before, so I’m really looking forward to it.
    I know what you mean by studio reorganization-I’ve done part of mine, but fizzled out before I finished. Once the weather cools a bit, I’ll get back to it.

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