The last few weeks have been a lull in the quilting.  Oh there are quilts to be quilted but family life has needed attention.  My sweetie has had to take some vacation time.  When I haven’t been in the quilt shop those “free” days have been his.  I love spending time with him so its been all good.

A trip to Maine for the quilt show and to bring home Feather Zone.  I need to get Feather Zone ready for it’s trip to Houston.  I’m so excited about this upcoming trip and the trip to Portland OR for MQX West.

Then there was the trip upstate for Cousin Fest 2012.  What a delight to spend time with my sisters and cousins.  A delightful time was had by all.

Once again the moon seeks to inspire me.

This and several other shots were taken from my cousins front porch.  I have a quilt rattling around in my head that this might be a good image to use as inspiration.  In a few weeks time I’ll be daytripping to the quilt show in Philly where Superior Threads will be vending.  Just need to check my thread stash and see what I need.

These lulls are sometimes important, a resting place before the push to quilt for Houston.  Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero has sent me a few pieces to quilt for her.  She’s doing some new and quite beautiful things with the kaleidoscopes.  As soon as Jeanie gives me the go ahead I will show them to you.  Two of the pieces have me so excited I can hardly wait to see the fullness of this new exploration!

The studio redo is still in progress halted in part by the time away from home and the need to think through location of certain bits of furniture, that always requires more than I originally thought.

Happy Quilting!


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  1. Teri, I love the way your mind works! Yes, we do need lulls, as long as they don’t turn into sabbaticals, lol.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your redo pics-my room needs some serious help.
    Enjoy your time with your sweetie; every moment is precious.

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