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Here I sit enjoying something of a quilting lull knowing that the next 12 weeks are going to be filled with quilting on a grand scale.  And still my heart is slightly troubled.  I’m sure you remember this post from my Maine Quilts adventure.

see Be Our Guest

I could not imagine the great timing of my “Be Our Guest” in the most recent issue of  The Quilt Life.

If you haven’t read it now’s the time.

And now this.  That Crazy Quilty Girl shared this on her blog this morning.  I’m linking over to the conversation that created the need for Lisa to respond.

There are moments when I still feel inadequate as a quilter and as a teacher.  I’m ok with that as this often spurs the next phase in quilting and I recognize these feelings for what they are and do my best with the support of friends and quilters to move on.

Dear Quilters when you’re feeling inadequate, saying negative things about another quilter will not help you feel better about you own quilting skill.  Hunkering down and practicing will.

Take a class from a quilter whose skills you admire.


Seek support for how to grow as a quilter.


Take private lessons from a great quilter in your area.


Please know that there is no substitute for practicing.  Sitting at the machine, figuring out what’s working, what’s not and moving on from there.  NO SUBSTITUTE!

When you’re feeling inadequate try something new and practice, practice, practice.

Appreciate the skill and HOURS of hard work that others have shared.

Thank you.


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6 thoughts on “That Crazy Quilty Girl”

  1. Teri, your article in TQL was fantastic and every single thing you said, I was just like, “yep”… “mmmhmmmm, yep!” “yep!” “preach it!”. There is no substitute!

  2. Teri, if anyone has done their homework, it’s you my friend. The time you’ve spent practicing is now paying off in more recognition of your talent. What was said in those posts about Lisa were so small-minded; there’s no place in my world for that.
    Have a great weekend, and I’m sure we’ll talk soon. 🙂

  3. So well said, shame so many quilters feel badly when others do so well- after lots of hard work. It requires sweat and determination to make a fantastic quilt, we all have different goals and aspirations and drive and it does take us to different places with different results. love reading your blog.

      1. Exactly, I like to dream big, do lots of reading and looking at others’ work and be inspired. AND most of all have fun creating!

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