Doing fine and heading to Houston

Dear Friends,
Had a bit of wind & rain go through – named Sandy. She’s wreaked havoc all over the place as I’m sure you’ve seen.
My sweetie and I are doing fine. We didn’t lose power – just cable.
Our prayers are with all those who have lost their homes and lives, for the continued safety of the First Responders and those who are still in harms way.
As long as everything goes well I will fly out tomorrow afternoon to Houston and be there to lecture & teach on Friday and teach Saturday.
Hope to see you there.


4 thoughts on “Doing fine and heading to Houston”

  1. Teri, So glad to hear you are safe. My home state is NJ and looking at the photos of there and the City, it’s hard to perceive the devastation. Praying for all involved

  2. Glad you are safe. I’m just writing to say thanks for the tutorial on Sew Cal Gal. It’s been a great learning experience and a fun challenge each month.

  3. I am so glad that you and hubby and your home is safe! And very glad that you will be able to get to Houston! Maureen and I are so looking forward to meeting you and taking your class!

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