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Finally, the blog give away

When I taught at Fall Festival in Houston I received some swag.  Karen K Buckley very graciously gave us quite a few pair of scissors and some circle and oval templates, Dritz  gave scissors and a few other notions.  Well, I know as quilters we can never have enough scissors and notions are essential however this quilter has all the scissors she needs so I want to share a few things with you.

blog give away 001


blog give away 002








blog give away 003


blog give away 004

blog give away 005


blog give away 007









blog give away 006

Please leave a comment on this blog post by midnight Friday March 1st NYCity time.

I’ll draw names using a random number generator on Monday March 4th and get the give away items out by March 25th.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and other quilters.

Happy Quilting!


PS for anyone who has taken my classes: I have new teaching socks…

teaching socks 002



56 thoughts on “Finally, the blog give away”

  1. The more scissors one has, the more places one needs for misplacing them. Just ask my husband. The same for measuring tapes.


  2. Teri, you are so generous! Thank you for having this giveaway. I can always use more scissors, especially the serrated ones.


  3. Would love to try some new scissors. A stitcher can never have too many, a pair for every place in the house where we stitch is just about right! Thanks for your generosity!


  4. I too would love a new pair of scissors since I know a quilter can never have too many on hand. Thank you for your generosity in this give away!


  5. What a lot of fun swag! Thanks for offering to share!! I enjoyed meeting you in the hallways in Houston and sorry that I didn’t have a chance to take one of your classes.


  6. I think I might have one or two drawers and a couple organizers scattered around the house that do not yet have a pair of scissors in them …. I think I may have an OCD issue about never being more then 1 foot away from a pair ! LOL


  7. Bless your kind soul and generous heart for the wonderful giveaway. Its true one can never be contended with just a pair of scissors or crafting too…its always the more the merrier.


  8. Thanks, Teri. Even if I don’t win anything, thank you for taking the time to blog. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking at all the eye candy.


  9. i would be so happy to win something from you, over in the opposite corner of the country (especially templates…I do applique)! Thank you for sharing.


  10. I do enjoy your words and following you on Facebook. But I really enjoy your pictures and my bucket list has a class with you in my future. Scissors are one of my favorites to try. I love Karen’s but my Mom has taken one of them for her very own. She is a quilter as well.


  11. I just found your website, as I am going to be signing up for your Beginner Free Motion Machine Quilting class you will be teaching on 4/11 and am very excited. Until recently, I didnt even realize that it was possible to free motion machine quilt with a domestic machine! I feel silly saying that, but cannot wait for your class.


  12. Can never have too many sewing and quilting supplies. Now if we could just all win that would be great. Thanks for the give a ways.


  13. I am taking your class in April in NH and I am so happy to read that you teach ssslllllloooowwww quilting! I have taken pedal to the metal classes before and they have left me quite frustrated and unhappy with the result. Getting my “stuff” together.


  14. You are a peach! I am so looking forward to Mary Kerrr’s new book and seeing your piece in it. Thanks for the chance to throw my name into a drawing basket. Scissors are one of those things that seem to hide when I need them.


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