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Quilterly Energy

I read Seth Godin’s blog with great interest this morning.  And I’m also reminded of Harry Chapin’s “Flowers Are Red

There are positive and negative voices everywhere.

In our heads telling us we’re not good enough, this quilt won’t work, the quilting is awful. There are the negative voices we hear at quilt shows.  Sigh.  Negative voices that point out flaws and mistakes for the sake of pointing them out without offering an “I’ve been there, I’ve done that, here’s how I fixed it”

Negative voices stealing our assurance that essentially we’re good.

These voices often start early in our lives as pointed out by Harry’s song.  I firmly believe that the negative voices are sometimes well intentioned wanting us to do the best we can, in their view of the best.  There is something to be learned from the negative voices.
Dealing with our own negative voices is challenging enough without verbal confirmation of our lack of skill.  Once we hear that negative voice it’s like an annoying earworm meandering it’s way into our sense of who we are and taking the possibilities away.  Negative energy takes away the joy of quilt making, the wonder of the possibilities.

There are positive voices out there.

Positive voices of teachers.
Positive voices of encouragers
Positive voices of artists
Positive voices of other quilters who have struggled
Positive voices that see potential and want to encourage it

I’m not so naive to believe that all teachers, artists and those who have struggled are encouraging.  And I know myself well enough while I intend to be positive, sometimes it just doesn’t work.  I have a bad day, bad experience and the effect sometimes reaches farther than anything I feel I do positively.  Sigh.

Keith Dommer's  "The Learning Quilt"
Keith Dommer’s
“The Learning Quilt”

Today I start with sharing Keith Dommer’s “The Learning Quilt”.  I was privileged to watch this quilt being constructed from beginning to end. Keith quilts on a home sewing machine I was thrilled on Saturday when I walked by and saw that Linda V. Taylor awarded him her teacher ribbon.  To say Keith was excited would be an incredible understatement.

Jerry Granata Sampson & Delilah
Jerry Granata
Samson & Delilah

Samson & Delilah by Jerry Granata spoke to my heart. Jerry quilts on a home sewing machine and then beaded like a crazy person until Delilah’s dress was perfect.  And this is a quilt is just stunning in person.

Roy G. Biv Maddy Kertay http://www.badassquilterssociety.com/

And here I stand in front of Maddy Kertay’s quilt, Roy G Biv, a quilt after my own heart.  I love the playfulness and joy of this quilt.This is also about as bad ass as I get ;-)I’m truly a dork and managed to hang loose rather than use the “horns of rock”. I’m working on an interview that I hope to have complete by the end of the week.Happy quilting!Teri

3 thoughts on “Quilterly Energy”

  1. Oh boy, is this quilt right up your alley indeed. I see lots of inspiration and a whole bunch of fun. Drive carefully on the way home and I’ll talk to you soon.

  2. OMG Teri! You are so right I was excited. I think Linda Taylor’s teacher award is my favorite award! And you didn’t mention in your blog how many times the negative voices caused me to wad the quilt up and throw it into the corner for weeks on end. Maybe 4 or 6 times? You also didn’t mention that YOU were one of the strongest positive voices helping me to un-wad it and keep going. Thank-you! And thank you to all my TQS friends with positive voices that kept me going too! -keith

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