Fantastic Art “Name” and “Woman”

In sharing yesterday’s art homework on my blog post Wherein I copy Debby’s homework. Truth is I didn’t really copy Debby’s homework. I did my own homework. I did my own homework and I like it.   After finishing the first piece, title “Name” I kept going.  Just to add a bit of commentary I am named after St. Therese (Theresa).  Choosing her was not intentional.  I just clipped into the fabric and went for it.

Debby just finished her homework and posted it over on her blog.  She really embraced the Fantastic art style and brought it into quilting in a way that just makes me smile.  As Debby mentions photos and messages fly back and forth as we work towards figuring these things out, encourage one another and proof text and artist statements.  That kind of support is priceless.

I’d been eying this lime green Echinofantastic 005 solid in my stash on and off all night, that and some of my Marcia Derse Collection.  I quickly set the Marcia Derse aside for another project and gave into the lime green. The only thing that would have made this better is orange dupioni silk.  Ahhh, next time.

This time I worked a bit differently I ironed the Mistyfuse to the wrong side of several pieces of fabric, it’s so much easier this way.  I’ve also discovered that one day I will be purchasing the Goddess sheet that is really big!   Shortly after I shot this image I picked the whole thing up to go press it, and no I didn’t worry about pieces flying off, Mistyfuse is sticky allowing the pieces to stay where they’re placed.  Once I got to the ironing board I made a couple of quick changes, pressed it in place and I present to you: “Woman”


She is unfinished as of yet.

Debby is sending me some lime green tulle then I’ll get it ready for quilting and have at it. And this is one that I will finish.

It may be after I finish other art homework but I will finish.

Happy Quilting!


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