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An open letter to @play

Dear @play,Enjoy your journey to Portland for a visit to the Pacific Northwest Quilt Festival.  Portland is a great city (home of some amazing architecture, donuts, views and PEOPLE) and I think you'll enjoy it.  From conception (thanks AEF) to finishing the binding the 2nd time Thursday morning at 2:43 AM you have been so… Continue reading An open letter to @play

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Who knew?

That the quilting adventure for today would include sitting on the floor of the City Quilter with this delightful quilter/artist?  Well it did. Melly and I spent about 2 hours at the City Quilter looking at her printed fabric, talking patterns and trying out solids that might pair well.  I ooohed and ahhed, Oh Melly!… Continue reading Who knew?


Fantastic Art “Name” and “Woman”

In sharing yesterday's art homework on my blog post Wherein I copy Debby's homework. Truth is I didn't really copy Debby's homework. I did my own homework. I did my own homework and I like it.   After finishing the first piece, title "Name" I kept going.  Just to add a bit of commentary I… Continue reading Fantastic Art “Name” and “Woman”

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Wherein I copy Debby’s homework

Debby told on herself yesterday and I'm being a bit of a copycat (this is a bit of an inside joke between the two of us, for our own amusement) today and just coming right out with it.  I'm taking Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques on Coursera.  Debby first introduced me to Coursera by… Continue reading Wherein I copy Debby’s homework

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Peek a boo

I picked up this little poster probably 25 years ago when I lived in Americus, GA working at Habitat for Humanity through the church I belonged to at the time.  I put a push pin through the plastic to pin it to the door.  It was my motto for the year. I've been tidying up and… Continue reading Peek a boo

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Machine Quilting Unlimited Whole Cloth Challenge Exhibit

My gratitude to Sherry Reynolds for taking the time to visit the exhibit and take photos for me to use on my blog.  This is a gift for me as I was not able to attend HMQS.                                    … Continue reading Machine Quilting Unlimited Whole Cloth Challenge Exhibit

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@play a bit behind the scenes and the full quilt

I'm going to make a bit of a confession here.  It's challenging to admit this because although in thinking about it my facebook postings while I was in the middle of quilting "@play" gave a clear indication of where I was headed at the time.  I kept talking about the quilt as "the unruly teenager"… Continue reading @play a bit behind the scenes and the full quilt

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MQX Quilt Festival New England

This week was full and busy. Yiyiyi it was busy and so much fun. Saturday I took a class with Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quilt Works is a certified Judy Niemeyer pattern teacher.  I, of course, had to be the worst student ever.  Well, not quite, ok not even.  I've paper pieced before but… Continue reading MQX Quilt Festival New England


New tagline – new focus

For several years now "Quilting is a beautiful and complicated art" was the tagline in the header.  It's true - quilting is a beautiful and complicated art - there are so many components, styles and ways of quilting.  Quilting employs geometry in an artistic and in my opinion, intuitive way.  Making a quilt, even a… Continue reading New tagline – new focus

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Quilt Show and Jazz concert a very quilterly day

Saturday morning as my sweet husband was looking around on the internet he found 2 events: the Heritage Quilters of the Hudson Valley quilt show at the library in Pearl River, NY and a jazz concert by Fred Smith and the Masters of Swing at Arts Westchester in White Plains. First stop the quilt show… Continue reading Quilt Show and Jazz concert a very quilterly day