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I think I just named the quilt

cherrywood cool grays warm autumsRainy Days and Mondays

Ah yes, that’s the name of the quilt. Rainy Days and Mondays.

I love working on a quilt where I do not know the end result.  It’s very freeing.   After starting on the piecing for one block I’ve decided that there will be 2 sets of blocks as I don’t want the blocks to get very large although I cut the strips at 1 1/2″.  The center of the first block is a deep pink.  Essentially a nod to the “tradition” of it all.
The center of the next block will be one of the mid grays, most likely the 4th one in from the left.  I’m working with the lightest together and then will develop the darkest together.  If you’ve watched me work over the last few years you know two things:
1) the focus has been on quilting rather than piecing and

2) I don’t plan a darn thing

I like working without a plan.  I like the surprise of “what happens when . . .”

sunset cabin 034Well, this playtime has continued.  I decided to continue seeing what would happen when so I made this next block.  I have no idea what will become of this but it’s certainly fun playing.  I need to make the rest of the block and see what happens.sunset cabin 035

And I’ve learned that I need to start pressing with vodka.  While my block is well pieced it does look like it’s waving.  I do press with a dry iron which helps keep my grain straight but makes my blocks look like it’s waving.  Oh heck I can just add the next gray and wait to see what happens.

And why Rainy Days and Mondays? I love Karen Carpenter, I love rainy days and I do love Mondays.  There’s nothing like the joy of jumping in puddles, running through the rain, or holding hands with my sweetie.  I will never understand why so many parents don’t let their kids go out and play in the rain.  Lightening and thunder are different, but just that amazing rain?  This nourishes and soothes the soul.  So as I work on Rainy Days and Mondays I’ll share the progress.

Happy Quilting!



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  1. I so agree with the “rainy day” and kids ‘thing’…..I allowed my boys to do that all the time! Sometimes it is a bit difficult to determine if there is too much electricity in the air, though! (a story for a different day!!) Hugs……

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