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Rainy Days and Mondays Mini me

rainy days and mondays 003Wee tiny, little log cabin how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways. . . 3/4″ at a time.
3/4 of an inch?
Yep, you read that correctly.  The “logs” for this cabin are 3/4″.
The finished block size right now is 2″.  Why am I making blocks using 3/4″ strips? 
The flip answer is, “because I can”.  Annoying right?  Part 2 of the flip answer is, because I want to.”  And now you really want to smack me upside the head.
In reality I’m making these smaller blocks because it’s fun.  Sometimes it’s necessary to just do something because you can and have the time and things are all working together.  I do not have any kind of plan for the blocks that I’m making.
This color way is a one-of and will be joined by another color run, then several blocks that size in a just because I really love the feel and texture of Cherrywood Fabrics and want to use every inch available to me.  The 2nd color run starts with the dark gray in the middle and gets  lighter as I go out.  Yes I can get more with a visit to the website, the City Quilter or The Quilters Alley.  I do love a good challenge.

rainy days and mondays 004A block this size is about cutting well and piecing well. 

The cutting, as you know, is all about a steady hand, a good eye and a sharp rotary blade.  I changed my rotary blade for the first time in oh a couple of years.  Yes, that’s right. . . years.  Not doing any piecing my blade lasted a long time. 

I’m using the #37 foot.  There is a significant difference between this and the zipper foot (that I used when piecing Gramma’s Quilt).  If I’d thought about this a little bit more I would have picked up the #37D foot which would allow me to engage the dual feed – just one more tool to make the quilting process easier.

I’ll admit that even though I’m using the straight stitch plate, the 9mm width on the BERNINA 780 is a bit intimidating when working with such small piecing.  However it’s like anything else in the world of quilting, figure out what works, what does and just go with it.  My finger position here has a lot to do with keeping the pieces from going off in some kind of evil direction.  Under my fingers I can feel the feed dogs.  rainy days and mondays 003

I can also use this beautiful, hand made stiletto to guide the pieces in.  The toughest part is the first 3 me block number 2 001 

One thing I am doing is using a leader, a small scrap of fabric to stitch on as the seam is started.    This is immensely helpful in keeping everything straight and to keep the top thread from nesting on the back of the block. 

When I get to piecing Rainy Days and Mondays I have, at least in my head, worked out that I’m going to tilt the blocksrainy days and mondays 002 and set them in a beautiful pink hand dye.  I have 20 blocks total.  And I have special plans for this quilt.

It’s so much fun to play!

Happy Quilting!


11 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays Mini me”

  1. I would definitely try such a small cutie…..”because I can” (LOL!), but I would do it the way rrregena suggested to get it going. But, if you’re in a ‘groove’ why mess with success????? Hugs……..

  2. I don’t want to smack you, I want to applaud you. Doing things simplyt because you can and just because you want to is absolutely wonderful! Have fun, Teri!

  3. Yes, we will make more Cherrywood! If you keep making things this tiny it’s gonna take you FOREVER to use it up! Happy Sewing and I really appreciate the plug!

  4. I have been wanting to do a tiny log cabin also! This inspires me to get it out and get going! I love what you’re doing with the Cherrywoods and your piecing looks perfect!

    1. Go for it Jenny! It’s so fun and exciting to make something this small. The Cherrywoods certainly rock the log cabin look. I can hardly wait til I can spend a day in my studio and do a bit more piecing.

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