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3.5 million pebbles

CAM00518or quilting



I am working on Quantum Leap.  Nothing like a due date to get motivation to set in.  It’s due to Jeanie on my birthday!  YAY.  I love that part.  I’m celebrating this quilt as I go along and this will be a great way to celebrate my birthday.CAM00517

To stitch out the 3.5 million pebbles I am using 2 different colors of Magnifico and may use a 3rd once I stitch it out on my practice piece – thanks Jeanie – to see how it looks.  If it does what I think I’ll be madly in love with it.  Oh heavens me I am madly in love with this quilt.

I’ve been sharing a few photos like this oneFB_IMG_13812779448808075

and this one

FB_IMG_13815283992797648I do like to sip a little wine when I quilt. it’s relaxing and tasty.  Don’t let the camera angle fool ya, it’s all good…the wine and the quilt are not really in close proximity to one another.  Especially that red.  😉

FB_IMG_13815427076871322Over the course of quilting each of these scissors end up on the floor, usually falling when I’m paying attention to the quilting and not what’s under the machine.  The quilt sometimes snuggles under the tray shoving the scissors onto the floor fighting for more room and winning.

Those are just 3 of the many pair (including Paula Reids Batt Snips) that I have around…and yes dear quilters you do see my very favorite BERNINA seam ripper.  I love my BERNINA seam ripper….it’s so fine and get’s into the tiny stitches when I need it.  What isn’t pictured is the needle threader and needle to bury threads.

Oh and you can see the light that is in the bobbin area of the 780.  Yep, that’s one feature I love!!!


2 thoughts on “3.5 million pebbles”

  1. LOL! This is a post I can totally relate to!!!! First…….love that thread and will be ordering the max sample cones soon!! Trilobal is the absolute best for shine! But the wine!!!!!! Since DH and I are retired and I’m fully immersed in my quilt life, he has added another “hobby”……wine-making!!!! Yup! How perfect is that!!???!!!! I really think the 2 should always be offered in tandem…hehe! The pebbles/circles are so “right” for this and awesome. Relax, enjoy, have another sip and “go with the flow”!! I love my Bernina seam ripper, also. I have purchased several to have them in handy spots!!! Hugs…….

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