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CAM00800I woke up this morning with a brilliant blog post on my mind.

Do you think I can remember what I was writing in my sleep?  Only snippets based on my whole theory of quilt making, “Your Quilt, Your Rules” and conversations I’ve had with quilters in the last few weeks.  When I talk to  quilters whether in a classroom or shop setting I do my best, if I can, to approach quilt making from the “you are a smart intelligent woman (no offense guys you are smart and intelligent too); you can do this!”  I have no idea why I was thinking about this in my dream.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog:


I know I’ve mentioned once or twice that I love to quilt.  Okay so I really mention it a lot.

I love to quilt.

Quilting has become something more for me  and not just a career.  But something more, a source of expression often very personal.  One quilt I’ve done within the last 12 months is so intensely personal that the one competition it’s been entered in will be it’s last.
One of my biggest personal challenges has been to control the size, scaling the motifs down.  It’s mostly about control.  How well can I hone my own skill.  While working on honing my own skill I’m giving serious thought to how I can share this information with the blog readers and my students.  While my machine will stitch up to 1100 stitches per minute I don’t.  I have way better control stitching at a medium speed.

CAM00810I am working on a small quilt that I will take with me on a brief trip in a couple of weeks.  The piece will be approximately 15″ square earning the name “I feel enormous in your Lilliputian World” after a posting a photo on facebook.  Anita Zobens commented:  “I feel enormous in your Lilliputian world”  Anita found it fascinating that the thread used in this quilt is Magnifico by Superior.  Magnifico is a 40wt trilobal polyester thread.  In terms of thread thickness this is fairly heavy.  But oh! my! it stitches beautifully and with no thready build up, the over stitching creates a bit of interest particularly in the orange circles and lines.  The idea for that stitching motif came from a pen.  Who knew?CAM00812

Once I’m finished the center and decide which end is up I’ll stitch the name around the perimeter of the quilt.  This quilt is leading to part two in the Go Mini or Go Home Quilt Classes – Mini Stitching!  There will be more information on that soon as I want to finish the quilt, write the class and submit it as a proposal to one of the shows.

Thomas Knauer – quilter, fabric designer, dad and more posted a blog recently that I’d love to see your thoughts on.  Both on his blog and here, if you’re interested.  Thomas’s fabric lines are intriguing and his take on quilting and its importance are thoughtful.

Happy Quilting!


One day in December I’ll have a blog interview with Megan Dougherty of The Bitchy Stitcher.  This is in celebration of the publication of her new book!  Congratulations Megan!

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