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At the beginning of January I chose EPIC as my word of the year. Many other quilters and artists gave their words and reflected on why they chose their word of the year. Sometimes this is accompanied by a reflection on the previous years word, sometimes not.044
I can say with absolute certainty 2013 has been Epic I finished quilting at play, barely on time and had it published in Machine Quilting Unlimited. In April I was accepted into the BERNINA Ambassador program as an Artisan. I taught, I quilted, I competed. I struggled. I missed a deadline which left me gutted. I am getting an opportunity to design quilt(s) for a friend with a new fabric line.  There is such an amazing amount of creativity there I can hardly stand it. There were moments where I experienced a deep sense of joy and fullness and others where I felt totally empty – feeling as though I had nothing left to offer the quilting world. I made new friends and lost one that I’m still befuddled by. Epic will stay with me through 2014 not as the word of the year but a reminder of the impact 2013 made in my life. There is still much to learn.
ponderContemplating 2013 naturally led into thinking about 2014. While thinking about 2014 I was playing around in Kaleidoscope Kreator using Tilde as the base. Because the quilt is very symmetrical finding the right kaleidoscope shape. Each shape has some serious potential it’s actually mind-boggling.


Pause for further contemplation.


So while the possibilities are seemingly endless it doesn’t exactly tell you what word I chose or why.

Across the image I wrote the word:


madonna laurie tigner 003

I was quite surprised. All under consideration: spectacular, mercy and Give UP. Each one holds promise, meaning and has its own goals attached. Ponder on the other hand isn’t asking me to set goals, rely on promises or any particular meaning. Ponder asks me to give consideration, that is all. Very soon the word will be embroidered onto something pretty and posted to my wall next to the Blessed Mother and St. Simeon.

So I begin 2014 pondering: holding these things in my heart.

What’s your word of the year?


7 thoughts on “Word of the year”

  1. An excellent read, your year sounds a bit like mine, oh well ,I just needed to get up and carry on. Your quilting and thoughts are inspiring, even though you have had hurdles along the way. Ponder is a great word!

  2. I love to ponder. Things are always more than skin deep, and must be thought through, considered.

  3. I had just been thinking along the same lines, my word in 2013 Joy, and although I truly did have some great joys in my life I also had some events that severely tested my ability to find joy in life every day. This year I need something less intense, I have not yet decided a word for 2014.

  4. Great word choice! I’ve been a Ponderer for just about forever. Years ago when I set about to name my blog Ponderings just seemed like the natural choice. “Ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter.” I especially liked the “prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter” part of that… but I could think on it a bit longer to be sure… LOL

  5. Steadfast…to be true to myself, and kind to others. Does it address quilting? Think of the story of the steadfast Tin Soldier … he stuck to his dreams, worked hard, believed in himself, and loved deeply and well.

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