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2020 Word of the Year

The other day I picked up the Teresa Duryea Wong book Magic & Memories: 45 Years of International Quilt Festival as I'll review it soon. Quilt Festival is so much part of our quilting culture now that it's hard to imagine quilting life without this annual event. It is without a doubt a, with this… Continue reading 2020 Word of the Year

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Well 2014 is moving along at a quick pace. It's the end of April, May is around the corner and I'm taking a moment to reflect and be grateful for 2014. Part of 2014's Word of the Year, Ponder. May brings Quilt Market. This will be the first time I'm attending. This is one more… Continue reading Ponder

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Word of the year

At the beginning of January I chose EPIC as my word of the year. Many other quilters and artists gave their words and reflected on why they chose their word of the year. Sometimes this is accompanied by a reflection on the previous years word, sometimes not. I can say with absolute certainty 2013 has… Continue reading Word of the year