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I’ve written about coffee and quilting before

dance bang head 1752
Dear Coffee cup I miss you!
A lot
I will replace you….someday

coffee mugsThere will be no quilting before coffee.

Apparently this morning I needed coffee before coffee.

Sometimes it happens ya know. Get busy the day before and forget to empty the coffee pot. Then in a barely awake stupor fill the reservoir with more water than needed. Add freshly ground coffee and eagerly await that first cup o’Joe to get the day started off right. Forget needing breakfast coffee is the fuel of the day!

Hear spilling coffee start sizzling on the warmer and still in said pre-coffee/barely awake stupor realize just exactly what happened. Dump said coffee right now down the drain because there is this nasty mix of old coffee and new coffee. Blech. Pew! Pew!
When I’m stuck on a quilt for what to do next i will often go brew a pot of coffee. Sometimes I forget about the coffee because the act of brewing this delightful liquid has stimulated the creative center in my noggin and I’m back to quilting. Imagine the frustration of remembering that said pot was brewed, going for a cup only to discover that the brewer has turned off and the coffee is old. Yes dear quilters I have done this! More than once.

Ahhh coffee.

my quilting helperOn a side note I have a new helper in the quilt studio – the high falutin’ name for the sewing room.
Debby Brown (you should see what she’s doing!!!) sent me a Hello Kitty ring that she gives to her students.
Hello Kitty is a great helper in the studio!

Happy Quilting!



4 thoughts on “I’ve written about coffee and quilting before”

  1. I thought that I was the only one who’s done such coffee missteps!!!!! Coffee…..the elixir of life (or something like that!). I’ve, also, “hit the wall”, taken a break & made a fresh pot, gone back to stitching….totally forgetting the task just completed!!! Sigh!!!!! Focus…..focus…..focus……..Hugs…………….

  2. I usually remember to pour that first really hot cup of coffee, the one that makes the whole house smell wondrous, and to carry it to the quilt studio. Somehow, by the time I remember to take a sip, it’s ice cold. Back to the kitchen and heat it in the microwave, the auxiliary coffee maker.

  3. My hubby often works very late into the night ( he’s also and artist ) and makes coffee in the wee hours. Some mornings I need to heat a cup of those leftovers in the microwave just to have some to get awake enough to brew a fresh pot. Once in a while I wake up to find he has recently made some and it is waiting for me when I get up, those are the days I know it’s going to be a really good one!!

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