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When Monday Throws you off

Three day weekends are still the thing to look forward to, in part to celebrate, remember, and rest. However the rest of the week feels a day off because Tuesday is the new Monday and by mid-afternoon and pot of coffee number three you're wondering where the week went hoping, just hoping to get this… Continue reading When Monday Throws you off

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A Coffee Story

Oh Good Morning Friends. I have a coffee story for you, but first it's a Quilt & Tell Podcast kind of day. The other day Tracy posted this https://www.instagram.com/p/COQiktznees/ on her Instagram page, and includes an email address to let Golden Peak Media know in part what we love about Quilt & Tell but also… Continue reading A Coffee Story

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Second Coffee

It's time for Second Coffee and a chat. I like second coffee. It almost seems decadent in a way. I've had the wake me up coffee, now I'm having coffee just because it's there. The beans are already ground, and the water is getting hot in my sunshine yellow teapot, because one uses the French… Continue reading Second Coffee

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On Crunchy Coffee & Cilantro

I think my favorite shared-on-the-blog experiences are the Blue Goo, and the Squirrel in the House at Christmas stories. What I didn't remember is that my brother had a bird in the house? How does that even happen? Open doors and windows I suppose. Every now and again coffee mishaps fill this page. In the… Continue reading On Crunchy Coffee & Cilantro

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Coffee Clatch Friday Blog Style

Good morning quilty friends In a few weeks I'm bringing Coffee Clatch Thursdays to live video on TerifiCreations by Teri Lucas. If you're unfamiliar with Coffee Clatch days I throw out some random question on my facebook page and you get to answer. Questions might include Peanut butter cups or Mallow Cups? How do you… Continue reading Coffee Clatch Friday Blog Style

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And then I said, My Brain is a Strange and Unusual Place

Brain Dump: Stitch the Scary Stuff in Your Brain is all about well, stitching the scary stuff in your brain. Okay, this isn't so much scary for me as it is fun, and challenging. Sometimes it's the challenge of figuring out what goes wheres. Sometimes it's the challenge of staying focused while stitching a lot… Continue reading And then I said, My Brain is a Strange and Unusual Place

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Stay Tuned: a Trip Report

I've traveled to two events for Floriani one about an hour outside of Philly, and the other about an hour from Knoxville. The next Hands on Sewing School is in Binghampton, NY January 5 - 7. These events are amazing from the word go. Kay Brooks teaches so much about stabilizers and how to use… Continue reading Stay Tuned: a Trip Report

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I’ve written about coffee and quilting before

There will be no quilting before coffee. Apparently this morning I needed coffee before coffee. Sometimes it happens ya know. Get busy the day before and forget to empty the coffee pot. Then in a barely awake stupor fill the reservoir with more water than needed. Add freshly ground coffee and eagerly await that first… Continue reading I’ve written about coffee and quilting before