Once Upon a Time

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I used to obsess  think way too much about the motifs I’d stitch into my quilt.
Will it look right? Will they like it?
Is it the right thread? Will they like it?
Is the thread too thin? Is the thread too thick?
Will they like it?

I still think a lot about motifs but I don’t obsess. Not any more.
I just listen.

Yes I have more practice, more experience. I have more experience because I’ve quilted. A lot.
I practiced on every highly patterned fat quarter, half yard and yard + I could get my hands on. Then I took solid after solid trying all of those motifs one right after another till I had them down.
Practice made a huge difference.
Practice builds confidence.
IMG_4340Then there are the many teachers I heard for years whispering in my ears, “you can do this, here’s what you need to know”
So basics: to compliment and soften hard geometric (9 patches, 4 patches, square/rectangular blocks) use curvy designs. it’s one of the reasons “stippling” is so popular.
to compliment curvy blocks (applique, curved blocks, circles) use straight lines, cross hatching channel quilting.
That’s basic.
As I work on the tutorials over the next couple of months I’ll share the process of how I choose patterns for several quilts starting with “Twilight in the Bronx” and bopping around a bit. As an aside: here’s how I bury thread when I start quilting. I need to spend some time with my hand model to take pics of how I end. It’s essentially the same process with a couple of things added.

 PS: check out this interview and pay particular attention to the what Matthew says at the end. CBS Sunday Morning Matthew McConaughey Interview.

Happy Quilting!



4 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time”

  1. I love your blog ! You encourage and inspire me ! I spend hours and hours practicing… I love zen tangle and am really seeing that if I draw and sketch my ideas it’s easier to learn. Thank you for your positive encouragement and tips ! God Bless…

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. Even after all the practicing, choosing what will be stitched where on a quilt can paralyze a body. It’s so important to keep in mine some of the PRINCIPLES behind successful pairings. These are transferable to any and all circumstances…….the “specifics” will change but not the principles. Hugs……………………………….

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