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Book Review Part 1: Valerie Bertinelli Enough Already

Kindle Screenshot of Cover Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I am TodayValerie BertinelliPublisher: Harvest (Harper Collins)250 pagesHardcover $27e-book $14.39 to $14.99 When someone lives a life that is public in someway there is a tendency to presume that they are fully known and therefore open to scrutiny and criticism. This leads to being… Continue reading Book Review Part 1: Valerie Bertinelli Enough Already

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A Name and a Purpose

Hang with me here friends this is going to take a moment to work through. Sometimes the swirling, whirling inside my head makes it impossible to work until I can see the thing I want and need to do in my head. Sometimes the quilts just show me who they are. Sometimes they show… Continue reading A Name and a Purpose

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Well, I didn’t see that coming

I can always tell when I'm a bit stressed as blogging and quilting become a bit of a challenge. Several posts are in the drafts folder waiting for inspiration, and perhaps something else, the trash bin, the right time? Writing ideas are much like quilt ideas: right time, right place, right skill-level - the words… Continue reading Well, I didn’t see that coming

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Quilted Block of the Month August 2017

Bonus Edition This is one of the blocks I quilted when I was trying to write a book on free motion machine quilting. Step 1: Cut two 10'' squares of cotton fabric, layer with batting. Step 2: Quilt. This sounds wildly simplistic and rather annoying. I get it. But, it's what I did, and do.… Continue reading Quilted Block of the Month August 2017

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if at first you don’t succeed

  Outside my front window the Mockingbird is chasing the Blue Jay away from the berries on the Dogwood. The Mockingbird's nest is towards the top of the tree so apparently the tree belongs to it. (I don't know the difference between the males and females.) Spring happens in just about fourteen days, to say… Continue reading if at first you don’t succeed

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…or wait for it, lemon curd and the toast goes from okay to sublime

I'm going to start this blog post in something of a strange place. Ready? I've been thinking a lot about learning style. At some point down the road that thinking will end up as an article for Generation Q Magazine. Intrigued? Stay tuned, I'll let you know when that happens. I doodle a lot. So… Continue reading …or wait for it, lemon curd and the toast goes from okay to sublime


Once Upon a Time

I used to obsess  think way too much about the motifs I'd stitch into my quilt.Will it look right? Will they like it? Is it the right thread? Will they like it?Is the thread too thin? Is the thread too thick?Will they like it?I still think a lot about motifs but I don't obsess. Not… Continue reading Once Upon a Time