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Because I am so ready for spring

day trip 015Okay, okay. I know this is summer but 




So taking a look at this what block would you chose to make and how would you use the colors?

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2 thoughts on “Because I am so ready for spring”

  1. O.k. so you want spring but said (and pictured) summer. Looking at the colors of the flower, my first thought was of a sun pieced like one of those crazy quilt-style flowers, the colors in a gradient pattern out from yellow in the center to an almost red-orange on the outer edge and just a touch of green in the bottom and lower right to represent the land (and the green in the photo). Go ahead and add touches of the lilacs and purple (red-purple!) in the gradient just to spice it up a bit!

    Then of course I had to go look for a link to the type of block I’m talking about, just in case anyone has never seen one and what do I find but this:

    …her flowers are pretty close to what I was thinking about (and her whole quilt says spring just like you wanted)! For mine it would be about supersizing just one of those flowers Velda Newman-style to make the whole quilt but better yet I think I’ll just gaze at hers and wait for the spring thaw…….

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