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Choosing quilting motifs: Sampler Style

Serendipity the 3rd time full
Serendipity the Third Time Around
serendipity as well front finished
Serendipity as Well

Serendipity the Third Time Around
You may wonder how I moved so quickly from Serendipity to Serendipity the Third Time Around. Wonder no more! There is a Serendipity as Well and I’ll talk about that quilt another day. Well, no I think I’ll talk about them both now.

Notes: both tops are silk: two different types
either wool or silk batting
Serendipity as well has one layer of batting, Serendipity the Third time Around has one.
Both have a variety of thread with Serendipity as Well featuring more 100 wt. silk thread.
I marked a rectangle on the quilt on the left and didn’t mark anything on the quilt on the right.
I did not plan anything. I have no road map for the stitching motifs.
I had an idea for motif’s I’d like to try or further develop.
I still love nautilus shells and swirly suns.
Could I repeat either one of these quilts exactly, No. Just no. Yes I added some emphasis there. In my mind these are unique, one of quilts. Each one of these quilts had a specific intention one was part of a resume I sent out and the other was a thank you gift.
Serendipity As Well close up micro stipplingWith each quilt I changed thread weight and color and motif on a whim. When changing weight that means changing needle size. Both of these quilts took about the same amount as Serendipity – about 20 hours or so.  Why so long you might ask? Go ahead, ask the question. Why so long? I quilt slowly at roughly medium speed. My students will attest to this. I stop and think and yes this is time invested in the quilt. I rip if I don’t really like something. Yes this is time invested in the quilt. If I’ve ripped because I don’t like how the motif stitched out I will put paper to pen and practice. Yep this is more time invested in the quilt. I do figure in the facing & binding and there is one of each here.
Serendipity the 3rd time
With Serendipity the Third time around it was intended as a sampler style (remember the whole “part of a resume” bit).
I’m not sure how I would ever teach these. I’d like to though. Cause it would be fun. I’m thinking 2 or 3 day retreat style. ooh the mind goes reeling with ideas!
Will there be more in the series? Eh, I don’t know. We quilters are a strange lot sometimes the quilts we want to do are not the quilts we get to do. Sometimes other quilts are shiny or obligatory. And fun. One of these days I’ll share the list of quilts I wanna make.
And yes, there are bubbles on these quilts. Surprised? Yeah, not.

Just call me: bubbly!


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4 thoughts on “Choosing quilting motifs: Sampler Style”

  1. I have been acquiring (hoarding?) some dupioni silk to use in a random patchwork sampler and your stitchings have really pushed me to haul it out and seriously get at it! Your “freedom to play” comes across so well and, yes, there certainly should be a time investment made…even if it isn’t to be a gift or resume… will still be a work of art/extension of my talents and creativity to be kept, enjoyed and learned from.
    I thoroughly enjoy your posts and, I may have said this before, find them challenging and wonderfully inspiring!!!!! I am so thankful our paths crossed!!! Hugs…………………

  2. you could do a chart, like an embroidery sampler with each section for a particular motif that ends up being a whole cloth quiltie. I really like that idea for you. kinda of organized play that feels like freedom. oh, you must do it!

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