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It’s all about the quilts

I spent a good bit of yesterday designing quilts in EQ6.  These are quilts that I’ll be able to show right around Spring Quilt Market. I know, I know, it feels like I’m teasing. I’m not. I’ll share it when I can.
I did (re)learn something about working on the block yesterday: tweaking the settings on the work table gives better control of the grid which means that drawing lines becomes easier because the end up where I want them. I can tell you that for a while I was having a bit of a bang head here moment! Rrrrg. I’d move a line here and it would snap back to where I originally placed it. Tweaked the settings and voila. I also remembered something about drawing equilateral triangles: say the triangle is 4″ on each side, if I place a middle line and draw the sides two inches on either side of that line I have the triangle I need. Whew! Would you believe I did really well in geometry. I’ve just got to spend more time learning all this new fangled quilting stuff. Or just use it more often. Use it more often and at some point upgrade. From what I’ve read on the message board since EQ7 came out it’s so much more intuitive.

Several people have sent me photos of their feathers, I’ll be sharing those and their comments later this week. And an interview. I have an interview with Sue Reno coming up very soon! Watch the Generation Q Magazine website later this week for my very first blog!

Happy Quilting!


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    Doreen says:

    I’m watching closely……EQ has not even been on my radar!!! Hugs……………..

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