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Feather Challenge the first entrant

Here’s the first entrant in my Feather Challenge – Mandy Hares Applebee of Yellow House Quilts. Mandy quilts on an APQS Freedom long arm.

Mandy Applebee feather 1
I took your challenge……a challenge it sure was for me. I usually stitch well fed shorter feathers……

I’ve captioned the first part of our conversation in the photos and have added the rest of our conversation in the text.

Mandy then said: “Thanks it was fun but wow did I have to be careful!”

I asked if she was careful or thoughtful? Wanting to clarify.
Mandy’s response: “Ummm I don’t know which is better…..I to myself and go MUCH slower than normal cause my hands just make plump short ones LOL”

Mandy Applebee feather paper
First I drew them……

Note from me: I have no problem with plump, short, well fed feathers.

Mandy Applebee feather bump
Then I stitched them…..I had to chant…..long and lean, long and lean…..this is my result

We came up with mindful as a good word for stitching out these feathers.  Mindful to quote Mandy, “is a good word”. I like mindful, a lot. Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting the other entrants. There’s still time to enter the challenge and win either fabric from my stash or a copy of Generation Q Magazine.
The conversation is published with Mandy’s permission!

Thanks Mandy, you did a great job on all of your feathers.

Happy Quilting!


Mandy Applebee feather full
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out….thanks for the challenge!




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  1. I love the Victorian feathers!!!! The overall effect is so graceful and flowing, perfect for some of those smaller spaces where a touch of “richness” is wanted. Great job, Mandy!!!!!

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