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Back to School Blog Hop: Bury Quilt Thread

Welcome to the Back to School Blog Hop hosted by Sam Hunter (Hunter's Design Studio). Thanks Sam! Thirty-two days of tutorials by quilters and sewists, ready to share their experience and tips. At the bottom of the tutorial are links to each of the other participants in the hop. So many great tutorials! One hundred… Continue reading Back to School Blog Hop: Bury Quilt Thread

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Shooting Video!

The bonus of my sweetie having Friday's off is that in yesterday's snow he drove me to Olde City Quilts in Burlington, NJ for a video shoot with Lisa Calle. We got plans quilters big plans. Well smallish plans for now. I did take a couple of pictures, this one of Rob Engime is one… Continue reading Shooting Video!

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Quilty Questions Answered

Quilters always have questions and I'm always happy to answer! I put a call out on my facebook page asking for questions then mentioned here that I'd answer quilty questions. First up from Betty Jo: "Since I know you are a Bernina girl also, how do you set your tension for using metallic threads when… Continue reading Quilty Questions Answered

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Feather Challenge Final Post

Doing the feather challenge, tutorial and posting the submissions has been so much fun. I love seeing quilters take a risk and grow. Thank you all for participating! Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll do a recap post. In a few days I'll decide on a winner. Dear Teri, I have been reading your blog for a… Continue reading Feather Challenge Final Post

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Ellen’s Feathers

I have to tell you I do like getting these feather via email. It's like waking up on Christmas morning and getting a new coloring book and crayons. You remember that new box of crayon smell right? It's kinda like that new car smell. There's something quite inviting, enticing about that smell drawing us in… Continue reading Ellen’s Feathers

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Generation Q Poll and more Feathery Feathers

Generation Q Nosy Poll we do some fun polls at Generation Q. The results of the poll get published in the upcoming issue. Let your voice be heard! Continuing on with the feather tutorial and practice sessions from other quilters: Today we meet Kellie, she's new to following the blog. Welcome! Kellie sent me these… Continue reading Generation Q Poll and more Feathery Feathers

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Feather Challenge the first entrant

Here's the first entrant in my Feather Challenge - Mandy Hares Applebee of Yellow House Quilts. Mandy quilts on an APQS Freedom long arm.I've captioned the first part of our conversation in the photos and have added the rest of our conversation in the text. Mandy then said: "Thanks it was fun but wow did… Continue reading Feather Challenge the first entrant

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Curved Feather bump-up-and-over feather tutorial

Getting started is quite simple. Pull the bobbin thread up and hold on while you get started stitching. I started stitching the feather base a crook or candy can shape.   As I was stitching the curve out the needle was knocking - meaning that the tip is bent - and I had to change… Continue reading Curved Feather bump-up-and-over feather tutorial

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BERNINA 710 & 750 version check

As I mentioned in an earlier post I've color coded the BERNINA 7 Series Machines. The B 710 is green, the B 750 is maroon/deep red and the B 780 is purple. Checking the version is the same on the B 710 & B 750 so I'm showing it all on the B 710 today.… Continue reading BERNINA 710 & 750 version check

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What do I do with all my practice pieces?

Each blog I write gets posted on facebook through Networked blogs allowing the simplicity of posting. Sometimes quilters post comments here on the blog and sometimes on facebook. Every once in a while a quilter will comment and I know a wider response is needed and this is one of those days. SI: I so… Continue reading What do I do with all my practice pieces?