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AQS Lancaster – a road trip

debby brown and me
Debby Brown – she’s just awesome

Y’all know me. I get excited and have to share this excitement with you. I’m excited to share my first blog post at Generation Q Magazine. I am glad to have that under my belt and can get on with the business of getting all the other things done. Like the 2nd blog post.

So, I went to the quilt show in Lancaster on Wednesday with a few friends Giovanna, Cathy and Anne. Living in the City presents a few driving challenges, particularly during rush hour. There was a wee bit of traffic on our way out of the City. I had a wee bit of a “bless  your heart” moment, saying it out loud. One of my friends said, “I don’t think that’s what you meant. I laughed. Oops. I got caught! When we got in the car I programmed Josie – the GPS – for the convention center. We go merrily along driving closer and closer to Lancaster. Mind you – I’m planning on being in on a staff meeting (telephone conference call) at a certain time. We’re driving and driving – we cross the Susquehana – I’m thinking of my friend Margie and my friend Sr. Helene I’m waving as we drive by and talking with the gals in the car and suddenly remember: mmmmm, errrr, uuuhm. I wasn’t supposed to cross the Susquehana. Nope, I programmed Josie for the WRONG convention center. We got turned around. I missed the meeting and nearly missed a few friends.
We made it to the quilt show and stayed til nearly 6. I really enjoyed listening to Julie talk about quilts. Her enthusiasm is catching and fresh. Lisa Calle Red Velvet
Lisa Calle met us there. I love her quilt Red Velvet. It sings to my heart, this bit of artistry does. Lisa Calle Jeanne DelpitAnother bit of artistry: listening to Jeanne Delpit talk about this quilt. And I do mean artistry, she really described the balance and beauty of this quilt.  There is something really amazing that happens when someone just gets it.

Laurie Tigner Icon LancasterAnd then there is Laurie Tigners Icon. You can read more about Laurie here. I love Laurie’s quilts and am so thrilled her quilt earned the ribbon.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: more quilts, a feather update and more.

Have a beautiful, quilterly day!


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  1. So glad you recovered from the quilt daze and found the right convention center!!! Those quilts are amazing!!! Look forward to more of the fab “scenery”!!!!!

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