A New Spin on Drunkards Path by John Kubiniec

A New Spin on Drunkards Path by John Kubiniec


UPDATE: The Random Number Generator selected #52 – Alison in Alabama! Congratulations! I’ll be in contact in the next few days.

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in a blog tour on TerifiCreations, as I write most of the Generation Q Magazine book tours. This one is kind of special because a friend, John Kubiniec, wrote the book. Over the last couple of years I’ve watched John work on this book. I’ve watched him struggle, grow, become, move, write, and name quilts. And here his is, A New Spin on Drunkards Path is ready for you to run to your local quilt shop and get it.


I was surprised to learn that John uses 3 pins to stitch these curves the placement is key to how well this works. I must admit that when I saw it I did the whole *facepalm* why didn’t I think of that! And. . . it makes so very much sense. I so want to tell you this trade secret but book, it’s all about buying the book, and this tip is worth it.

Test Pattern

Then there’s the patterns, the spins or to have a little fun, the hacks on this block are fun. Having fun with a curved pieced block yields this:

Beach Balls

A dynamic, beach ready quilt. And yes, go ahead, take the quilt to beach.


Nightfall is one of the most dynamic looking quilts in the entire book. It looks so difficult. But nope. John adds half-square triangles to the corners, spends a little time getting the placement right by alternating the curve of the drunkards path block and the results are stunning. I may even make this one, when I have some time for quilting.

Okay so what you really need to know is that I’m really proud of John. While he doesn’t exactly say it out loud in the book there is a sense of play, and permission to do what you want. Here’s the technique, here’s a great pattern, and go.

So I get to give away a copy of the book! In the US it’ll be a softcover copy; outside the US an e-book. Ya gotta comment and tell me something fun that you’re working on. I’ll draw a winner on or about October 4th.

UPDATE – Congratulations comment #53 Ramona! You’re the winner of a copy of John’s book. I’ve sent you an email.

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off to Olde City Quilts for the day

Morning All!
Olde City Quilts is hosting the President of BERNINA HP Ueltschi celebrating the arrival of the BERNINA long arm at the shop. Ambassadors Linda Hahn, Lisa Calle and myself will be there.

weeks dye works
Thread from Weeks Dye Works
not all who wander are lost
From the Life is Good Shop Quoting Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

I am smitten with this thread from Weeks Dye Works and will be getting more soon. See that small spool? It’s 12 weight Pearl Cotton and it runs through the machine beautifully. I used a size 90 top stitch needle. Oh my!! Pics asap!

The next two pics are quotes that I loved from the Life is Good Shop at the airport on my way back from Houston. I love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (books and extended versions of the movies) and this quote sticks in my head.

Have a great quilterly day!


simplicity lig
Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication from the Life is Good Shop

Swoon and Whole Cloth Challenge Update

Maria O City Quilter ClassJust 11 days ago I taught Let Your Foot Loose, be Fancy & Free at the City Quilter. It was a good day. The bonus was having Maria O. as a student. Maria is a fab quilter and teacher in her own right (she teaches at the City Quilter).  Maria posted this photo on fb of her finished, binding and all, sample from class. Oh my goodness!!!!  Swoon!
Maria certainly let her foot loose, changing thread weight and color on a whim! Letting the thread do the work for her to create an interesting piece. At the beginning of class she showed a quilt (she was delivering to someone) – the quilting is outstanding, tone on tone blending into the background.
This piece of hers oh yes, makes this teacher all kinds of giddy!

variegated silk so pretty

Susan asked, “Did you over stitch or did you add a line to make it look like the fabric turns?”

Great question Susan!

To answer completely I’ll show a photo of the whole piece first.

Well the answer is actually both. The first part of the answer is in how I drew the original lines of the whole cloth. I took the lid from my button tin and drew the original circle then added swooping lines  under it to create a “mountain” with the moon hanging low. I then drew in the lines for the star points, making them intentionally wonky. Why you might ask? Because every star has her own shape. CAM01738 (2)
Part of the visual has to do with the high contrast of the color: a bright cream to orange variegated 50 weight (Tiara Silk) silk thread next to a solid deep purple. By following the line of the original swoop and stitching densely that helps.
Since I outline stitched the area with the lighter thread and very close to the darker thread it looks like I stitched over in that area.

One thing you can see here that won’t be visible once the quilt is finished is the drawn line and how I almost got there. I was done stitching with that thread and wanted to move on somewhere else. Drawn lines are guidelines, not rules.


And a Whole Cloth Challenge Update. Lisa Calle and I had a bit of a chat the other day and I’d hoped to draft a quickie post over the weekend. We’re extending the challenge to the first week in December. We both have had a few things in our lives that have prevented us from having the time to finish our quilts. If you’ve finished your quilt both of us would love to post photos on our blogs so please send us photos. (note Lisa posted photos on this blog post.) If you’ve been thinking you’d like to make a whole cloth quilt there’s time!
it’s fat quarter size
design is your choice
fabric and thread and batting are your choice

Lisa and I are using Robert Kaufman Radiance.

Happy Quilting!


Whole Cloth Update

whole cloth challenge circle completeThere is nothing quite so comforting as listening to the sewing machine as I quilt. It’s a beautiful sound.

As I look at this update and think about the comments on facebook and think about another project I’m working on (I think a lot!). So the question I get a lot is, “what comes next?” or “do you plan your quilting?”

CAM01719Photo aside: This is the same quilt taken in different light.

I probably do know what comes next and I probably plan however there is nothing on paper. How’s that for an answer? Priceless eh?!
I am sharing process on here with this quilt as it’s part of the Whole Cloth Challenge with Lisa Calle. Thinking that Chocolate Swirl was it – I worked on that for a while (and will finish that eventually) Nope. That wasn’t it. Then I started quilting the dupioni silk. Nope that’s not it. This grape Radiance that Olde City Quilts sent me with an order I placed a while ago kept whispering to me. It’s the same color I used for Moon Over Manhattan. You know, Little Miss Sassy Pants. I got to thinking about Olde City Quilts. How Judy lived in Montana (if I remember correctly). My image of Montana is big sky, mountains and wide open spaces. And the Big Sky reminds me of the moon. And I love the moon. The moon reflects the light of the sun, Radiance reflects light. Hmm I see a correlation here. The more I thought and stared at this fabric the more the idea settled that I wanted to do a play on Moon.

From Moon Over Manhattan I have the fabric, moon shape and the lone star (it is intentionally wonky)
From Montana I have the mountains and big, open sky.
From my thread drawer I have the silk thread and color
From my imagination I have the quilting.

So when someone asked what comes next? My answer, “Lime green” may have seemed a little odd. In my mind it made perfect sense. It’s one of my favorite colors and it will pop against the grape. I finished with the lime green last night and moved onto black. I am so thrilled that Superior makes silk in a variety of colors. I won’t know what the finished quilt will look like until the quilting is finished.


Ellen McBurney, one of my readers and a member of The Quilt Show, is auctioning this quilt titled: Libby and Ricky Converging to raise money for Libby Lehmans ongoing medical expenses.
Here is a link to the ebay auction.

The quilt is lovely.


Whole Cloth Challenge Update

intertwinedI think.

A lot.

Sometimes I over think things. Sigh. It happens.

I over think quilts All.The.Time.

I’m okay with that.

I’ve been thinking about this whole cloth challenge, you know the one with Lisa Calle.

So now I have a title and a design idea: Intertwined.

I’ve been thinking about how we’re all connected with one another in some deep ways.

How we all have something amazing to offer.

How there is a gift in each person.

So there there will be some late night stitching on a couple of quilts.

And I’ve made a decision about one quilt. It’s a difficult one but one I can live with.

Happy Quilting!



Whole Cloth Challenge & BERNINA University

Lisa posted some progress on her blog. Yay! She’s been having a bit of a tough time with her neck lately so this is a major accomplishment

Do you have any progress you want to share? I’d love to see what you’re doing and would love to post pictures.

Debby has been posting about her trip to the UK, today’s includes here students serenading her and food pics!

Ambassadors from the BERNINA Ambassador Reunion in December

Me, I’ve been getting ready to leave for Nashville tomorrow to attend BERNINA University. BU is for the dealers to meet, greet, learn and get to know any and all new product coming out on the market in the near future. The finishing touches are done on my presentation or will be. I need to pack and I’ll be ready for days of learning and then teaching on Saturday. I’m thrilled to be attending this event and looking forward to meeting so many people. I know already I’ll see Kela and her little one (not born yet) from Quilter’s Square in Lexington, KY!

BERNINA 780 037
Janie in her natural habitat

I’ll try to blog from Nashville or at least post to facebook.

When I get home I’m going to to full tilt quilting on several quilts. Janie & I need some serious time together. I’d like to hit 2 million stitches before the end of the year.

Happy Quilting!


Whole Cloth Challenge update

radiance options fixThis morning I read Terry Grant’s post One of my greatest achievements is not being perfect with great interest. I nodded in agreement as she talked of choosing just the right color of paint for a room based on a swatch of fabric, finally settling for “close enough”. Rather than stressing out over the color not being perfect she trusted that close enough would work, the last paragraph giving the best reason why: it is a great description of a well lived-in home.
As I read the final ideas for the whole cloth quilts that I’ll be working after next week the first I will take one of my choices probably the copper and trace some lines on it with a marking pencil and just go for it and trust my gut and be happy.


The second is inspired by Terry’s post, perfection with a big x through it.

Thanks so much for the idea Terry!

Happy Quilting,