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Quilters have a fascination

B 780 back inside of projectwith the backs of quilts

they tell us a lot

about the quilter

about her choices

about the tension of the machine and her understanding

(and yes I’m using her – I’m very well aware of the male quilters)

The back tell us if she was paying attention to her quilt

The back tells us her preference for thread and it’s influence on her.

The back gives us a glimpse into her heart and mind.

The quilt back show is about the size of a fat quarter.

The back is dupioni silk – this quilter loves how color pops on the black.

I used both polyester and linen thread on the back and the front.

I loved the change in the nautilus giving it a bit more depth.

And I’m writing a pattern for this – this is for BERNINA – this will be made into something else, directions written and a pattern made with pictures.

There will be a blog on something else as well. More when I can.

You all know I much prefer to share with you right away but I must hold back right now.

Happy Quilting!


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