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Happy Hour

But before I get to the happy hour bit. I did a bit of a tidy up in my sewing room yesterday. Oh my goodness was I ever over due for that! A while back someone gave me thread stands for both Superior and Aurifil. These very useful stands were sitting in the middle of… Continue reading Happy Hour

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Let me chat you up about Go Mini or Go Home

You may not know this about me but I'm 5' tall. (This comes in very handy at the shop where I work - I can demonstrate what 1 2/3 yards looks like rather easily.) So going mini in piecing was an eventuality. My quilts have gotten smaller and smaller over the last few years. They… Continue reading Let me chat you up about Go Mini or Go Home

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Quilters have a fascination

with the backs of quilts they tell us a lot about the quilter about her choices about the tension of the machine and her understanding (and yes I'm using her - I'm very well aware of the male quilters) The back tell us if she was paying attention to her quilt The back tells us… Continue reading Quilters have a fascination

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A long time friend of mine reminds us with these words, "we don't need new teaching, we need reminders". Reminders of the good and why we do it. My friend was talking about something else entirely however the principle applies to quilting. We need reminders in the quilting world too. Sometimes I forget that quilting… Continue reading Sometimes

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A wee bit of Aurifil and Finding your way around

Several months ago Donna from Follow That Thread sent me a spool of Aurifil Lino (linen).  Donna has a bit of a sense of humor and drew a smilie face on the wooden spool.  That wooden spool will be a keepsake forever.  All it needs is a little red pompon and voila! a clown like… Continue reading A wee bit of Aurifil and Finding your way around

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New Class

I'm taking a moment from the usually scheduled machine quilting posts to share with you that there is a new class in the works.  "From Inspiration to Whole Cloth. . .with a twist".  I mentioned it here on my schedule. Before I share more about the class I started what I hope to be the… Continue reading New Class

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Of lint

I've had a lot more lint than this in the bobbin area.  When I first bought my Bernina 1080 it was something like 6 months before I could take the guide class that comes with the machine.  So when I learned how to take the stitch plate off and holy schmoly it was linty! I'm pretty… Continue reading Of lint

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Last summer I took a business related class with Mary Kerr at the quilt show in Maine.  As a result I quilted for her and I'm beginning to listen to her advice about promoting what I do as a quilter. I am a quilter for hire.  Have been for quite a long time, however I've… Continue reading Quilting

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Thread Part 2

Practicing with the good thread certainly goes a long way toward improving machine quilting. Understanding tension helps - basic rule of tension reduce it.  Make sure your presser foot is in the highest position before trying to change the tension.  When I was beginning to learn the machine quilting process, I would try and change… Continue reading Thread Part 2