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Feather Challenge Winners Announced & Look

Congratulations to Winners #4 Doreen and #6 Ellen
Congratulations to Winners
#4 Doreen and
#6 Ellen

First up this morning our thanks to the Random Number Generator our winners

#4 Doreen and #6 Ellen

Please contact me: terilucas at gmx dot com with your snail mail address and I will send you some fabric!  And when you’re ready we’ll have that quilt consult. Congratulations!CAM00756

Sometimes it’s just really cool to reminisce – look at images from ages ago – enjoy that moment again and think quilterly thoughts. Such is the process right now I’m looking at the images I’ve shared before of the Train Show at the New York Botanical Gardens here in the Bronx. There was a display set up to show the process for making these buildings. And I’ll tell ya it is a painstaking process from design to finished building. We get to enjoy the beauty of the finished product. I appreciated being able to see the process. In the display there was a building that didn’t work for the artist. I don’t remember if it was obvious why but it didn’t. But it was there for us to see.
CAM00206As a teacher & mentor I often encourage students to make extra blocks to test color and tension on as they get started quilting. This gives us an opportunity to see what the quilting will look like and decide if this is going to be what works or not. If not we know pretty quickly – like in the first 100 stitches or so. The pink pebbles would have just overwhelmed the quilt in this picture. Stitching this out allowed me to Look and See and make a good decision about thread color and weight.
Now go quilt your world!


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