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New York Botanical Garden

I have with me here one of my nieces. My dad had a knack for taking pictures with an "I have no idea what's going to happen here" kind of fee. I turned the camera hoping to catch my niece and me and took the shot. Et Voila. The neice, she has a lovely smile.… Continue reading New York Botanical Garden

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Feather Challenge Winners Announced & Look

First up this morning our thanks to the Random Number Generator our winners #4 Doreen and #6 Ellen Please contact me: terilucas at gmx dot com with your snail mail address and I will send you some fabric!  And when you're ready we'll have that quilt consult. Congratulations! Sometimes it's just really cool to reminisce… Continue reading Feather Challenge Winners Announced & Look

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One of my favorite places in the City

Is the New York Botanical Garden.  My sweetie, a good friend and I spent 3 hours walking around, checking out the cherry blossoms and other blooming flowers.  I was in part on a quest to take a beautiful, inspiring photo for one of my mini groups.  I may go back one day next week on… Continue reading One of my favorite places in the City

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Bias binding

I mentioned a while back that I'd revamp the bias binding tutorial.  I needed to get it done for AQS Knoxville, I'm going to participate in the "All Star Review" on Saturday afternoon. I've posted a word document on the Tutorials & Helpful Hints page so you can see one way I approach make bias… Continue reading Bias binding

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Quilt Fest NJ and more orchids

Later this week I'm going to post a photo or two of the pansies that have survived the winter with their flowers in tact.  I'm eager to see how the dogwood and mountain laurel will do.  We've been concerned about losing the dogwood for the last few years to a fungus that attacks dogwoods.  What… Continue reading Quilt Fest NJ and more orchids