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Productive Day

hand dyed fabric 002These fabrics are calling me.
Yes they are. I’m thinking another mini/pieced something. Or a whole cloth.
yeah that’s probably it, or not.
Oh I don’t know there are so many ideas that ramble through my head that sometimes I feel like my brain is on a roller coaster.
I’m thinking thinking thinking then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa throwing my hands up in the air – well that’s what I want to be doing. Actually these pieces are heading to my to-do list over the next month. Yes they are.
My to-do list is rather long these days but I’m grateful that I have a to-do list, doing the thing I love: quilting!

Wednesday’s to-do list is accomplished. Thursdays is limited as I have limited time before I go to work.
Have a great quilterly day!


2 thoughts on “Productive Day”

  1. Your rambling thoughts are along the lines of what is going through my mind at any given moment……to be sorted/determined at a later date!!!!! LOL!!! A sign of an inspired creative mind, I think!!! Hugs………………….

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