Quilt Market

I said something at Market which

quilt market signsurprised even me.
So hang on for a moment: I love my Generation Q peeps. Warm, welcoming and encouraging of the new kid. I am loving working with them!! Thanks everyone!

Okay it was really two things.

First, Valori Wells was sitting in her booth of beautiful fabrics. At that moment she was alone. I thought what the heck. I went over, introduced myself and said I’d been “stalking” her no following her for years. Valori laughed. Following her is more to the point. I chatted with her for a bit and I visited one more time before I had to leave on Saturday. Meeting quilters that I’ve admired for years: highlight of the trip.

And ahem.

And I’m redirecting my personal image statement from short, fat quilter and quoting Kelly Ann. I’m fun sized!  And this is brought on by this: I’m walking along one aisle. Two younger (oh dear me, yes I said it!) women were talking about how one needs to lose weight in her face and the other in her ass.
I don’t know if it was lack of sleep, tired of women deriding themselves, overwhelmed by the last few days or what. But I turned around and said, “you stop that right now, you’re beautiful just the way you are.”

Body image is something we all deal with. Our self-image is something we all deal with and many of us have a negative self-image. I like being fun-sized.

Happy Quilting!



12 thoughts on “I said something at Market which”

  1. We are all beautiful! Just the way we are. Did you read ladies no. 1 detective agency? Great series. She refers to herself as “traditionally built”..

    Xxoo I’m realistic. I expect miracles. Carol


  2. Yea You!!! I love the term “fun sized”. I have never met you in person, but I have always felt that you were full of joy. I also watched No.1 Ladies Dectective Agency and loved when she said she was “traditionally built” (the show also has fabulous African fabric in the clothing).
    I am so glad you spoke up. We all need to support each other.

  3. glad you spoke up – I’m also ‘fun-sized’ – what surprised me most at Market were all the young(er) women wearing spike heels… even on Sunday! they still don’t know that fashion stops at the knees – and starts at the top!

  4. Uber hugs and kudos for both of your “life interjections”!!! I have been a fan of Valori’s for eons!!!!! And I’m so glad you interrupted those gals’ conversation!!!!!! You were so right to do that!!!! “Fun sized”……..I’ll remember that!!!!! LOL!

  5. I just love you Teri! You have such an affirming approach to life. I read your posts about teaching. If only all teachers were as positive as you.

  6. Love what you did. Also, I’ve come to believe that any extra weight we might PERCEIVE ourselves to carry is simply ballast and NO ONE ELSE SEES IT!!!!

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