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On Spring Market and Other Things

Sometimes it feels like I'm a little late to the party making announcements or doing what the other quilt pros are doing, like making video content or podcasting. So here goes. Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh is cancelled. The link takes you to their official statement and below is an official statement from them: regarding… Continue reading On Spring Market and Other Things

Quilt Market

I said something at Market which

surprised even me. So hang on for a moment: I love my Generation Q peeps. Warm, welcoming and encouraging of the new kid. I am loving working with them!! Thanks everyone! Okay it was really two things. First, Valori Wells was sitting in her booth of beautiful fabrics. At that moment she was alone. I… Continue reading I said something at Market which

Quilt Market

Road Trip!

Debby is not a City Girl so getting to my house was a wee bit of a challenge. Oh the travails of a country girl. Mind you last summer I went to her house and could not find it. Even though I was sitting in front of it. Right.in.front.of.it. Because I am a City Girl… Continue reading Road Trip!